Friday, November 12, 2021

We are it*


We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Do you think it's a bright idea that the people who have put us in this situation (all the situations) are still in charge...and its getting worse. 

This is not going to get better...we are it*.  

I'll be in Athens.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Aliens and God


I find it's a tel when someone makes fun of someone elses beliefs...The idea that only you are right and have faith in that which is true. You could never be wrong. This alien thing is the perfect example of some such twist of perhaps ironic faith. What happens when you find out you were deserving of nothing?  

Note...If I wanted someone to read my writings, listen to me, and take me as a credible source of intuitive intellect, with experience that most people don't have, why would I talk of such things in the way I do? On matters of faith, a very important part of an individual and group existence, why do I say what I say and how I say it? It's often rude sounding, I know it. Loud, matter of factly. It's philosophy to me, all of it. It's important to me. 

Some people think it is absurd that a burning bush is a sign or talked.

Some people think it is absurd that a spider can be commanded.

Some people think it is absurd that in the infinite universe there could be life.

Some people think it is absurd that life can be defined in only matters of carbon.

Some people believe that there is a mathematical equation for everything.

Some people believe that humans came from apes.

Some people believe that we are bodies of this earth that lives beneath us, all around us and that which we are part of and that our conscious has been given to us by a higher being, what ever you want to name it. 

Some people believe in their government and that it's their to help.

Some people believe in the individual and free choice.

Some people believe in a God.

Some people believe in Aliens.

Some people believe in nothing.

Some people believe in Angels.

Some people believe in Spirit Guides.

Some people believe that there was something here before us and that is what the old books are at it's base form. 

What I'm trying to point out in my rude way (I don't mean to be rude, for true) is that it is human nature to believe in something's logical. You are conscious. You are different then the animal next to you. Why? Many people understand this but there is a more complex way I would like you to see...I want you to see the absurdity of it all and how it is all the same throughout time and beliefs, it all is something's the only thing that makes logical sense, it's nothing to fight about. 

Some people believe the truth was written in our DNA.

Be still and listen 

One day I will tell you a story

Have you noticed something new emerging? A melting pot of religions and beliefs? Something where the goodness and lessons on how to be good to the earth, to each other and also respect differences while we see each as a whole bringing something great to the table for human kind. There is no reward you will ever see, it is the shade of the tree for someone else's future. It is the expanse of humans to discover and thrive in space and time. It is hard work. 



I'm actually seriously concerned we have an endemic of stupidity and I didn't know how bad it really was and how many stupid people there really are. I underestimated...fuckingmath;)

I shit you not. That is exactly what I think; an endemic of stupidity. I saw a video of a man getting in someone's face because of a mask. When you let assault happen on another or think it is ok because someone else disagrees with you whether or not they should have to cover their face is gross negligence on every scientist that didn't speak up louder, on every level, communications and how humans interact, communication for the deaf and hard of hearing, child development (any teacher worth their degree knows this and if they don't they should not be allowed to teach). Every medical doctor knows, every infectious disease specialist knows that the mask you* wear is more harmful then it is useful. If you don't understand might be stupid...stupid is dangerous. There is a shitload of stupid walking around...and if the not stupid people are letting it happen on purpose..then they are next level stupid. (I don't think they are.) I don't care if you wear a mask but don't insist someone else do the same. This is not about a mask, get that out of your head if that is what you think. If that is what you think you are small minded. 

Can you see the schools and why I call it the #communistteachersunion? It's in your face. The pedophilia and sexual agenda, the racists (people who see everything through the lens of the colour of peoples skin, it's the most absurd thought process, it's 2021, people are smart now. (That is a joke, they obviously are not smart, they seem to be getting dumber.) It's also dangerous and needs to stop. They are doing it for a reason. Have you thought, how many State officials are this stupid? They all can't be...can they? They even have the FBI going after parents that disagree with their agenda...that is dangerous and you should pay more attention to who they are labeling...

We have much happening all at once. Have you heard the phrase, many years happen in some months? That is what we will be having now, not just on-CONUS. 

Can you see the sciences* in the United States government, like the all great Fauci, not caring about the consequences of funding how to induce terror in monkeys, by destroying part of their brain, with acid they pour on it. Why is this being studied except for a horror movie? Ethically (which our sciences have no ethics) it is wrong...every doctorate has a doctorate in philosophy...or they are supposed to. Have you noticed how many doctorates have no the great Education Doctor Jill Biden as she pushes the teachers union agenda...and her demented husband. Fauci is a 'participant' for it's funding as well as the funding of Gain of Function at the Wuhan lab...everyone understands this now? ...and he is trusted to recommend Children as young as five get the shot. A fucking experimental drug. That is not arguable, we have zero long term studies...if you understand this completely and have signed up for an experiment then good for you...I hope you had informed consent. ...or you are stupid and don't understand that ethics are in serious danger here...Fauci might be stupid and he's telling you to inject yourself and children with an experimental drug...also we can see now how much he pays attention to what is happening around him and he's a stupid bureaucrat that you have put your faith in...even after he tells you he lied to you...and then does it again...and again...and again...Stupid what? This is dangerous stupid.  

It is also dangerous that you can not say that a man can not be made into a woman and that the deputy health secretary Rachel Levin is the first female (no) four star admiral now in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. He is a guy. That is a fact that can not be argued. It is not something to celebrate that a society puts someone in such high supposed authority that obviously has a mental illness and we are not even allowed to discuss this with out being called hateful because stupid people are heralding the first female doing something and it was a dude. I'm's everywhere...the stupid is everywhere... this is supposedly a health secretary in charge of I missing something? They are fucking tyrannical about it. It's dangerous level stupid...people with unearned chips on their shoulder, they think they are deserving of everything. This is the United States Government; it's bloated with rot beyond repair. 

The economy is in shambles...because of State official management and manipulation of terror across the globe (see what I did there?...get it now? fucking monkey) ..are you going to continue to listen to them as they insist on their climate models? Their war models? Their way to improve the economy? Are you really, truly going to listen to the same people again and again? The economic model they have planned is proven not to work for you, the one that saved and prepared. Their economic model has the Fed that we can't audit in charge. Their model has them tracking every dollar you's for your ESG (economic, social, and governance score). Fuck Janet Yellen, if you trust her you are stupid. 

This mandate that everyone get the jab...holyshitballs you really are next level stupid if you think that could end positive on any dimension. I'm talking scientifically; biologically and psychologically not to mention historically. Do people truly not understand human behavior? You can not tame doesn't work, you can only destroy it.   

We have a problem where to many people believe government agencies are telling them the truth and all they do is lie and manipulate you. 


Do you remember the suicide bombing of the AT&T building Christmas morning in downtown Nashville?

Do you recall a food distribution center being hit by a vandal*, someone(?) cut a wire and their refrigeration was shut down. *do you know who the Vandals are? It's fun history to know where our words come gives every sentence a deeper meaning when you use your words properly. I won't give you a link. It was in the South east...hop around a bit, make it a game.

Americans are an odd lot...maybe it's a sign of the times how easily distracted everyone is. 


Remember when the JCS sent out that memo reminding you of your sworn duty before January 6th and then you find out he emailed a Chinese General saying he would warn the Chinese that if the elected President of the United States made any move against...who? It is a freaky feeling when you look around and really see what has transpired and how it got that way. They literally walled off the Capitol to keep the people out. Did you know they have increased the jurisdiction of the Capitol police? They are adding more policing agencies, the post office to name just one, the increase in the IRS is another...this is me pleading with you, "please see all this and where it is going. We still have a chance to go a different way the easy road turn off was way back there...way back...

This is all the same road...can you see the signs? The destination isn't where you think. They had your eyes covered too, that is how you didn't see them covering your mouth by force. 

Be still and listen 

One day I will tell you a story

1. 1917 reimagined anyone? We don't even have womens day anymore...the irony of that is one of the most fantastically played. 

2. You don't have to be is something you can over come if you open your eyes. We all make mistakes. 

3. Has the Devil ever tried to play a the dirtiest trick in the world on you? Was it 40 days and 40 nights? 

Monday, September 20, 2021

Black Hole

The Overton window moves to accept something you would never accept under circumstances before through making the abnormal...normal...the abhorrent to acceptable through excuses, and vilification if you do not follow the line. I like to use the example of abortion. It went from wrong (the killing of a child in utero), to being told they would be infrequent and for rape and incest, to 'my body my choice', to 3rd trimester abortions to let's cut the spine of a baby in the birth canal with scissors, to where they celebrate the death...that is a perfect example of the Overton window and how they moved it so your thinking would be acceptable and if it wasn't they would vilify you...and they have done this with Trans, on a different level. They have used trans people as the ultimate intersection of identity politics to push an agenda. They elevate the trans community as the ultimate victim status and use it politically. Much like late term abortion laws that exist not for the health of the mother but the health of our pharmaceutical companies that need organs from babies to do their experiments (yes, this is the real reason for changing late term abortion laws). The difference in the Trans's the normalization of pedophilia, not outwardly. It is not a process that can be done over night. In Virginia and California they have already put proposals on the table for lowering the age of consent, for medical reasons, sex ones, voting ones as well.  In California they passed a law where a 24 year old can have sex with a 14 year old. In many schools they won't share with the parents of the Child that the Child is calling themselves Trans and a different name.   They are making the children sexually vulnerable by introducing sexual private acts for adults as behavior they should emulate, because that is what children do...The GayBC's is a great example, it's a real book they sell all over, even in gift wrapping shops. Being Gay is not enough...'Super Gay' (it means a man that only likes men-yes, it's a trolled slang definition) is wrong because, "love is love" that is a saying in the pedophilia means that it doesn't matter what age someone is if you love them you can't help it, "love is love". They have taken that language and applied it...where if you meet some one that is trans and don't want to sleep with them because they are the opposite of what you thought...then you are transphobic. "Love is love"...everyone should have the right to love anyone, even against the wishes of the intended. Which an adult knows that this is not the way human nature works...which joins the vicious circle of victim hood because you may not hurt feelings with the truth. 

The safe space is necessary to not hear things you don't like. I am not a safe space.

There are many stories of people after they have had mastectomies and hormones, genital mutilation (that is the correct terminology)...there is no way to change the sex of someone...every intelligent person knows this to be a is 'Hate speech' to say so now...the Overton window...The stories of de-transitioning people and how they felt forced or too young to have made such a drastic change to their bodies...and no longer will have the same experience of their body because the doctors altered it is the price these individuals face. Often after transitioning suicides take place...when they finally understand that there is no way they can be what they thought they wanted. The Children are the people that they sacrifice as political pawns. 

The cult behavior used in the intersectionality mindset is that if someone speaks out against their faulty belief or refuses to comply they are shunned or condemned. Much like that of scientology or any cult. 

We hear about suicide in the trans community as a big problem because it is. These are people that have mental health issues, mental health issues that have been propped up in schools and communities of people thinking that all any one needs is love...'Love is Love', we need to accept the truth that the world isn't perfect and kind.


Transgender teens are similar to anorexics of the 80''s a trend that is dangerous...but worse today it's a political trend where children that want acceptance and purpose have to find as many intersections with which to identify. Intersectionality creates an illusion of acceptance in a group where you find your identity through victimhood at as many intersections you can, white cismen need not apply. A trans person cuts through the red tape as the ultimate victim. 

The medical community and psychological community prop up the intersectionality position by dismissing the physical and mental health consequences long term. In turn they promote hormones to placate instead of helping. The long term effects of hormone treatments are absolute. The mental anguish the children go through thinking they are one thing different then what they look like is torture for them, because of what they have been told by others that do not have their best interests in mind. The political atmosphere is 'acceptance' ... accepting someone is one thing...helping someone with a disorder (which we are not truly allowed to call it as that is 'hate speech') now called transphobic. 

Why would they do this? It's certainly not for the health of the Child. They are making them into victims of their experiments. The Children can't see it, they don't have the life experience to know what's happening. 

You can stop it if you can acknowledge it. 

You do not have to play a game of pretend. 


The Overton window is a black hole.


Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Horrors of War


I'm aghast but have voice. 

Every Veteran that has not had a jab will no longer receive the benefits that were agreed upon at the signing of their life. This is a story line not come true yet and fair warning if it does. 

Those in powerful postions got up at a 9/11 memorial and equaled January 6 to 9/11. The only person killed January 6 was a Veteran shot in the neck by Capitol police...that are putting that fence back up and have also increased their jurisdiction with offices across OUR no longer united nation. That math is unequatable. Your 2+2=5 is the most dangerous discussion to be ever had.

You have everything to lose. You will lose everything. You will not be allowed to use the banking system. You will be physically attacked. They will come after your job and your family. 


His name was Dave, David, we called him Wiz. 

We were at Kadena, Okinawa. He was young and new, but always wore a five O'clock shadow.

"Jump! Jump! Jump!" and we did. The light were red, blue, and gold, bouncing back and forth, sweeping the floor in a dance. It was 2004, they were deploying to Sri Lanka after the tsunami hit. We were emotionally raw after seeing the horrors. One thing we knew if there were people to save Rescue would be there. "These things we do, that others may live." It was a last min outing to the Club before they left to let off some steam. The music was loud. This time Wiz was joining in on the dance of the faithful of life. Straight up and down he jumped to the beat with a grin a mile wide feeling the free flow of a moment. In his eyes I finally saw him. I always felt like he just put up with my antics like most around me, it was sort of funny to watch, but at that moment he let me in.   

He graduated from the Air Force Academy, in 2002. By his yearbook photo, Dave wrote: "To the heroes and families of 11 September 2001, I'll do my best to keep it from happening again."- I had no idea until I sat to write this story about one of my memories of him then someone else's memory bound to mine for a larger I was un aware of. He and his crew saved 40 people in one day. Can you imagine meeting St Peter at the gate and having that on your record...that was just ONE day. 

*I wrote this blog from the bottom to the top and then went to the middle, Wiz. I started yesterday so embarrassed at our 'leaders' the people that put him in the mess calling actual people that love this country and freedom and all the goodness it entails and then Wiz showed me the way

We never know when and where it will happen for us, sometimes it's a moment so short in time you can gage the life of a fly by it. Others it's an eternity, to those of us around. The after is always the same for those left, it's what we make of it our choice, grief is ones own.

June 9th, 2010, Pedro 66 was hit by a rocket propelled grenade in the Helmand province in Afghanistan. July 2nd he finally passed. It was torturous for his Air Force family and I wept for his Bloodkin. All those days I would ask around if there were any improvement, we always had hope. He was our friend and to those he served with and their spouses he was a brother. When you have lived on a small island with no other family make one; it's a beautiful thing to watch and see happen, it's exponential and vast. I can't imagine what it would be like to look down upon my own son and see his body torn apart dying slowly in front of you as you ask God, "Why?!" Can you?

He's buried at Arlington. A True American Hero, "Wiz".

If you wish to read more about a True American Hero, here is just one link, which will lead you to many more to show you the Truth of War and it's horrors.

This is all a True story.

I see you are still. Are you listening? 

If you are a believer in Revelations and believe the end of times is upon us I wish for you to be thoughtful and a good parent. 

Let me ask you some questions?

Is your soul pure?

Do you believe your Childs soul is pure and will be saved at the end of times?

If the answer no...

What kind of world do you want to leave your child? even through death and destruction the lessons of the faithful will have their stories told to those left. One day they will see through time, lessons learned. It's playing the long game where you most likely will not see the outcome of the Oak trees seed grow great. 

You must have hope in the future. You need to believe there is more then just a story from an old book where you are saved. If you do not believe then you did not learn one of the many lessons from Jesus, he was a rebel in the Church (?) and a political rebel as well. It was a taxation no representation thing...happens all the time- he was crucified for it. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Peace Through Submission


We were staying in a comfortable 2 bedroom apartment, I think it was the 3rd floor. The noise of traffic was louder then I'm used to at night. The air was dry and the voices on the street below were melodic. 

It was March 20th 2002, Lima, Peru. 


September 11 weighed on all of us. It didn't stop us from living though; we are Americans after all. I was in Spain when the planes hit...sometimes there is nothing you can do so you have a cry, a prayer, and move forward, never back. 


Our daughters adoption was going mostly smoothly...papers notarized here and there, visits to the market and ancient sites we could only barely comprehend, places she won't remember. We were more than ready to be home, Langley VA, with our first child.

The morning of March 21 we were greeted with the news of a terrorist bombing at a mall outside the Embassy where we had spent a great deal of time finalizing paper work. 9 people had been killed and 32 injured. 3 were staff at the embassy. 

George Bush was set to visit Peru that week...and he did.

We were told for our safety we would be asked to head home with our daughter; a soft evacuation, nothing crazy. We weren't worried, it was a precaution we understood...we actually wanted to get home anyway, just not that way. 


I grew up in a world that contrasted with peace. It was the 70s/early 80s. My parents had taught us growing up that we would always be targets as Americans but never worry about it (you can't change/control people, only yourself)...go about your business and keep your eyes open. Always have an alternative plan...and know the exits. I grew up in Oman; we were there at the behest of Sultan Bin Said Qaboos, to fight Communism, the Dhofar Rebellion. We were there during the hight of hijackings, we had family friends that had been on planes that had been hijacked...a few were killed. The Iran Iraq war was being played out in our 'hood', soldiers with machine guns stationed on top of our building where we lived. The Iran hostage situation was in our home as my Father dealt with the nuances of how to save them, he was Air Control.  

*The story of war in my life has not gone away, not one year has been peaceful, from the way I grew up to losing friends in Iraq, Afghanistan, and suicide- A toast to you..."...These things we do, That others may live."


...and now we have all this...our own government is ready to inflict tyranny upon its people. Watch what they do next...and if you are in the realm of agreement with them then you have learned nothing from the past. We The People, freedom or the baubles of Communism...which is held together with bloated bodies paraded around to scare people into submission. "No justice, No peace"="Peace through submission."  


"Make it your own", I used to say to my crew...they would reply, "you mean do it our selves?" Yes. That is the way to ownership and can only be done with Freedom to do so. 

Be still and listen

One day I'll tell you a story

I'm grateful for Sultan Bin Said Qaboos, the British, and American governments...they sent me to princess schools. 

.... and the Old Church sent us their very best to teach us...the best of all the Jesuits and Franciscans to teach us Children that no man rules us and we kneel only before God. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Above The Ground


This is not a secret. Secrets you don't share. 

The powers that be have hard and soft power at their ready. They don't care about your safety. They don't care that you protest. It won't stop them. They have a one track mind...a...commune of minds masked as something might infer. 

You do know the world is not just changing before your eyes but it will not have a positive outcome...regular people (that know) just hope it will. Our children's children will live under constant monitor; they will grow old never having actually lived. This isn't a pretend will be the future, everyone (left) under control of one government. You won't have a say at all about anything that happens in your region. No shit...this is the plan. 

There is only one way to stop it. Not reverse...hyper drive into the future with a moral compass. 

It would take all the people, the citizens of every country to rise up. At the same time. The logistics are so many you would think it impossible...

The underground network would have to be many's up in the air how they could do it.

When the underground is above ground the truth Flys overhead.