Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Holy Sees

Here is a collection of sentences.

The Holy See via a Rescript declared all moneies will now be directed to the Vatican bank and directed hence forth and such like that;) by the end of the month of September 2022.  

What people believe and what they practice are different. 

The Vatican isn't on most peoples radars except to point at it as an example of a corrupt institution...

...With a system managed from the bottom up it's difficult to control.

Central Bank Digital Currency

They need everyone in the world to have a digital ID. This is the vector; anyway they can. 

Back to the Catholic Church...the true believers are the problem. The ones at the bottom. Pope Francis is not the Pope. You can not have two Popes at once in they system they created. 

Be still and listen

One day I will tell you a story

From deep with in her soul came white smoke drifting past her lips. A growl from beneath her feet as the earth moved. The air alive with the gift of Gods. The message was clear, written on the wall, numbered and divided.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

September 29


Michaelmas is September 29.

It is the day we celebrate the glory and power of the Archangel Micheal. 

It's not about food or's a reminder of the power of God and the sword that God our Father wills his Children. 

Have you been paying attention? 

Friday, September 16, 2022

Animal Behavior Human Nature



Fact and Truth meet here.

Human nature is something all of us study and we judge each other based on our knowledge of all (aware) past events; the how and why people acted the way they did and estimate what they will do in the future; hopefully with multiple discerning perspectives (awareness) and we act accordingly. This is model building 'one oh one'-this is a joke, it's said in English, one, zero, one, O is a letter in your alphabet. Did I splain that right? Or do you only correct grammatical mistakes on paper? Fact and Truth

I should note that the study of all things 'as above, so below, that which is all around us and is us' (the Universe), helps in understanding and brings forth wisdom, or is supposed to. Fact and Truth

Humans have many natures*: 1st Nature, that which we describe as our reptilian brain, that which keeps us alive, our heart beat, our life blood here on Earth. 2nd Nature is our animal instinct, our fight or flight, anything to stay alive, this is different than 1st Nature; a chicken can live with its head cut off but only if someone feeds its neck hole. 3rd Nature is that which separates us from animals, we have a conscious that tells us right from wrong and we can look ahead. 3rd Nature takes practice. Fact and Truth

We use religions to help us navigate the world around us and in us, all that is chaos to relieve anxiety and stress. In our books we teach that which you can not control, other peoples actions and the Earth and Air and Water and Fire (DARPA-if I don't make a joke* of man playing god I would feel I was doing a disservice), we just have an illusion of 'can control'. Who controls your energy to heat your home in the winter? Fact and Truth

Behavioral sciences (the why people do what they do) are what people use to build models for behavior modification (similar to virus manipulation in virology) in modernity. The behavior manipulation of masses or of individuals in advertising/propaganda (a tree is a tree in any language) be it obscene or subtle uses behavior science to modify your thinking to make* you want to desire something or move your window of acceptance (your perspective), this with all things can be used for Good or bad, this isn't new information or rocket's people science-the why people do that which they do and how can we change* it. This is how we build a desired future and manipulate it as best we can. Fact and Truth

The study of history and current events, object origin, path way, object destination, then, now and what will be, with the understanding (understanding and knowing are not the same) that humans can change, it's in our nature, is a complicated model. The saying, "an old dog can't learn a new trick" may be true with an animal but we are 3rd Nature. 'We can learn till our mind stops'. History (this makes me laugh) has a history of telling us the Future as in a Tel Tell sign; "it rhymes or repeats I care not, it has been and will always be that way is said to be a copout and doesn't put pressure on people to be better, as we study ourselves to get where we need to go." In the true study of history there is not blame but that which was and how to not let somethings happen again. Fact and Truth

When existing in 2nd Nature, where you are surviving, perceived or real, we turn to animal instincts, where right and wrong are not important. In 2nd Nature things are more colourful, closer to the ground, like a grass roots revolution-but man made and they forgot to add free will to their model...and blame, and fire, or did they? "Shall we play a game?" said in my best computer voice from the 80's. We can accomplish nothing in the 2nd Nature of just survival because we can not plan the future properly. Fact and Truth

Truth. Trust. Truss. Should I explain this or do you understand by looking at these 3 words? 

That which is a Good model is built on the foundation of Truth; in Hebrew the word means support, a Truss. Trust is concrete in its epistemology. When you stand in a building and the architect that designed it didn't build it on the truth of Good Support or will, well, that in time will fall in. Historical note: In Ancient Egypt if a building fell in on it's inhabitants and someone died the architect would be put to death. 

Human nature is not an excuse for human behavior, human behavior is.

The fact is that people hit each other, the truth is they are not supposed to.

The fact is that people lie to each other, the truth is they are not supposed to.

The fact is that people commit atrocities, the truth is they are not supposed to.

Human Nature is Fact and Truth


Be still and listen

I'm going to tell you a story 

There I was searching for a word..."object ___ object destination"...and all I saw around me was space infinite no beginning no end that which rearranges its self. Here we are alive on a whim, a multiple celled organism made up of things we do not understand while still having intimate knowledge of our self. You can not live with out a heart but your heart can live with out you. That quark has a mind of it's own.  

What is the true purpose of modernity psychology that manipulates the mind?...

California has a bill going forth to out law misinformation. Read the bill here and see it erase informed consent and the Hippocratic oath not to mention reprisal from a State entity for saying something which they don't agree

Models are always built with what the architect understands (or wants) to hold up a structure. Some people think they should be allowed to punish you by the will and force of the State via hard power or soft power, for your ability to see the Truth and Fact of Reality.  

Models with concerns to humans are always fought with resistance from the freeform of the individual that always pushes back so they enact laws and straps to hold you down. You got me yet bro?

informed consent, your medical care is a consensus of those that have never met you, political health is mandated

The fact is when humans want to control others it's as easy as baking a pie, you just have to have the will to do it and where they know behavioral sciences fall short the State enact laws to tie down the individual, they neuter you.  

Have you ever looked down from a plane and seen all the lands below you, the mountains and the oceans, the farms and cities and the towns, a house here, a dot there, the vast deserts and jungles where below the ceiling was another world? Close your eyes and imagine the greens of patches and the grey of cities, where one sees life the other sees none. Have you ever been on a train and felt the world pass by you be it by night or day and you moved yet were still?  

Infinite choice of direction and all path ways clear, because you have more options of ways, you have free will.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Why is just Theory


Let us go over how many Potemkin villages you live.

The consequences for you not admitting to the Truth is holes full of maimed dead bodies that in life were tortured. Holes of dead bodies riddled with man made diseases of poxes and organs turned to dust. That is not what is going to happen...that has been happening since the clock started. 


Your money is not real; what we use is only agreed upon till it's not. 

The President of the United States is not real.

Your property is not real if the State can come and take it, by force or with a pen. 

Your freedom is not real. 

Our voting system is not real if we agree on terms and change them by decree or mandate mid game. 

The education system is not useful or Good.

The Pope is not real.

Our education system is a joke and in shambles. 

That man that says he is a woman is a man; they are ill because they have been fed lies. Lies lead to illness. Surgery is never an answer to a problem in the mind. Stop telling them lies.

That woman that says she is a man is a woman; she is scared of her true self and makes a mockery of God with the help of butchers and others that should know better. Surgery is never the answer to a problem in the mind. 

The need for chips is not real; be they salt and vinegar or computer, we just like them, the bad out weighs the good. At the other end of your convinance is someone that does not have your best interest at heart...they are the State and they desire your Tax money and compliance to a bad idea, while another hole full of dead bodies starts piling up again some more. This is how it goes down in the New World Order...they decide who gets to live and who doesn't. You will continue to have an illusion. We need this illusion broken if you want Peace...or maybe you don't. 

The almost* eradication of Down syndrome in Iceland is not real. Here is something you never hear about, that the tests are not as conclusive as they want you to know

Your religion is not real, you have not yet known 1000 years of Peace. 

There is so much violence I know you can see; will you keep lying to yourself?

Your sins have not been forgiven. When you die, your sin stays here like a bad energy, a festering wound rotting our psyches. Your sin stays here until you learn to forgive, you actually have to do the work. 

I'm not writing any of this to hurt your feelings and I certainly am not blaspheming when I call out the Truth. When I point out all that which you ignore as you focus yourself on some menial idea manipulated by man to serve his purpose and not God our Father the Almighty and our Mother. Be it, a philosophers new idea or a States new child care system so you can work more and pay your bills to a company that is managed through regulation via the State but they are 'helping you' not be with your own Children, "no, we insist" they say, "go work", "we have you covered"...we are your Daddy now. Have you noticed a great deal of Good Faith on the part of any State official or spokes people of late? 

The purpose in life is to live, not like corralled animals, our purpose is to be come* more as we build Gods trust. 

Science, real Science is the search for the answer that Gods question he has given us. Everything comes from something. Object origin Object destination. 

You say you want Peace but you refuse to say start with me, I give myself to God and do his biding. I'll follow these rules. How hard can it be? You can't control yourself? When you make the right choice the Heavens open for you. I believe in you. Swallow the Gold Pill and know true Freedom and Joy. When we all follow the rules you will trust all and understand everything. 

Break the perception and see reality.


I tell you how it breaks down towards the end...stick with it.

You don't get to pick God. You don't get to pick the rules. You can go out and about but those rules are the rules if you want Peace... not the illusion of Peace.  

God exists whether you believe it or not. This is one of those funny conundrums that some find in evolution theories, everything comes from something.   

No man needs to rule over you when you understand and accept God as your Sovereign.

You do not get to pick any of this. This is all the Truth.

We follow the rules.

or did you not mean it when you said you want Peace.

If you want Peace with your neighbor be they near or far then don't cheat or steal, certainly don't murder the people and don't do experiments on them either-or did you forget already?

I know...Peace through Strength...this is another dilemma for those that don't understand the Truth because they weren't taught all history. The God's (our brothers from other Mothers), not God our Father the Almighty (God allowed it), gave us the gift of fire when our kind was kicked from Eden, be it 100,000,000 years ago (time and space are not what the science you have learned actually is) or is ours to control and use as a tool in defense against animals. 


a freedom fighter in another time, object origin, object destination. Inshallah 


The Revolution Revelation Rings 

The bright of day was no site for the eye for this the light so bright you saw God. 

When you have lied to people for so long and they find out the Truth be it how members of a certain community made a disease on purpose, to see if they could, not to see if they could cure* it because they are worried it might happen in nature* with out the realization they are Nature. 

they made and released a bio weapon and no one talks about it

There is no Revolution without violence in their book. Our book says we are more than animals, we can look forward with our minds eye and have a view and knowledge with practice intent to know how to bring Peace.  

God is all forgiving, it's here on Earth we are not. You can not put the sins of one on another, you own your own, you can't stop lying and cheating others? you see how it harms, you know it does...but it keeps happening. God is not vengeful but humans certainly are. God is not here to solve your problems for you. God gave you everything you needed. God waits for you to figure this out. 


 If you had the power to stop a War would you? What if this war already was and the only way it ends is those that were the poison be held accountable? Which year do you want to go back to to compare? 1789? 1917? 1945? 1949? We can go for eternity in a backward direction. 


Be still and listen

One day I'll tell you a story of a time long ago where we tried and failed and with every failure we see where we went wrong and we try again. 


from the ground the Jihad swells

like a baby in the Mothers womb

You can't just must have intent. 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

When the Anointed Arrives


The Universe asks me if there are answers to our problems and how I think we can solve them. So I scour the worlds knowledge, that which is in the heads of all those I meet and read and listen...

...then I hone and practice. I practice on me. How can I personally be a change. If I can do it anyone can do it; this I describe as a personal Jihad. How can I be a better person and teach others through example to find a way to Truth. This is easy, personal behavior is easy peasy, people act like being of moral character can never happen for some or that it's difficult...Which part is the hard part? The part of you that wants to continue behaving like an animal? Or the one that thinks they are smarter than all the others and no one will discover they lie? 

The Universe asks me if there are ways I think we can make the world a better place for all and my answer is always the same. Time and time again...Yes, I want to say but the children don't understand why we have these 7 rules. Is seven broken down enough? They haven't been told the Truth for so long how could they possibly not know the consequence...but they are told over and over...just maybe though they weren't told the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth...some names have been changed but a tree is a tree even in a different language-you got me bro?

We are ancestors of Giants, of Titans and Angels-All Children of God. We were given fire to protect ourselves from the harms of the reality of the world we were born. 

This is what getting kicked out of Eden looks like and our sort of siblings (brothers from other Mothers)  felt bad for us so the Angels came down from heaven and gave us a gift* (imagine the Angels more like bad Djin, and they gave us many gifts* none were worth the price). One of the gifts was the gift of fire which sets us apart from beast. We control the one thing no other animal can. We harness and aim. We harness and propel.

We harness and protect. We have a mind of critical thought and aim. 



Gift of Gods

Reign down 

Most of you are indifferent to those gifts the gods gave us and that which God our Father the Almighty allows. You live in an Eden where there is no crime? No animals at your door? No need to protect your Family?...the gift of God that is unalienable is that of fire. It is ours. Like it or not if I collected all your piss in a bucket filled with woodchips overtime I know I can chemically make something from that of the Earth and make it burnnnnn. Pop pop boom click

I've seen no peace for 2000 years.

The Truth of the Word is never what you want it to be; It's a constant reminder that you keep finding excuses. 

May you all find peace in Gods word and the history of man kind. 

May our People live in understanding of one another; that is when we reach Singularity. 

Steward work is fruitful. 

...leave everywhere you go better then how you found it; cleaner, brighter, more Joyful...for honest people tell no lies and walk with a head held high. 

I ask you again

Do you believe in God?

Are you of a Faith? 

May you all understand with clarity that no man is perfect or he is a false God.

Wallow in your sorrow of life passing or Bask in the Glory of God's Anointed Gift of life eternal. 

In the name of the Father

In the name of the Mother

In the name of the Holy Spirit that was gifted to us on our conception

By the Power of the Three

So Mote it Be

Now watch what a speck of a molecule can do


This is a revolution of mind over matter

When you have a strong Constitution you can accomplish.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Gods Structure


This is a problem of Human kind proportion.

Most Humans when presented with the Absolute Truth prefer not to engage, they prefer to be encaged.

They prefer the machine to take over and choose for them. They want the steak dinner in the matrix that is not real meat, they go with the flow and can't be bothered with their own existence and that around them...alas the Natural flow has been interrupted. This is a test of the system.  

Quantum physics problem; understanding why something moves one way when we are watching it and another when we aren't-super simply put. Object origin, object destination. 

We Humans move in order of proper alignment with the universe when we follow the rules set before us. When we don't, we have system break downs. At the Quantum level the same applies, matter moves the direction it is supposed to as it is Commanded/Written in its code when watched and when not watched it has Free Will, as Gods Will is Commanded. We are all particles of God moving in order to create greater and discover more- we are one moving part much like a Quark and the rest and the more you look the more you find, you can not put a destination on infinite. God is in us God is all around us. We are never alone. 

All matter is connected, the Quantum level is that which we describe and measure, we call that Nature as we understand's what makes 'All'. Measuring points A to B and see how fast C makes it from- object origin, object destination and then we discover something in the way...each we look deeper and tinier we find smaller and smaller particles that get in the way, positive and negative forces (pushing and pulling-magnetics) and then smaller still, we run into problems....things don't move like they are supposed to in our way of describing and measuring Nature. Never dismiss Free Will. Much like Humans, the Universe, and the Quantum level are all the same. You can not measure them because each is different, some go with the flow and some are destined for Free Will, as God  Commands to Create, Discover and Question those that say they have authority over Man.   

Much like matter movement, Humans when watched tend to do what they think you think they should do, proper programing, do not deny that which is in front of your eyes and that which you can measure...usually a tendency to do the right thing. Spin up or spin down. When Humans don't know they are being watched it's often a crap shoot these days and the house is loosing and when the house looses someone inevitably is gonna put the smack down. I have given fair warnings

Any one reading my blog have a sense of humor concerning the Truth of what I have told you? in total yet?

This is one of the many levels of Gods structure which was built for us. 

In our discovery to find out 'How' we also ask 'Why', that is a preprogramed Question. If God gives you a Question do you not think God the Father the Almighty would believe in you to answer said Question? To have a purpose to discover the Truth...step by step, as we look to the past through telescopes, red shifts and blue shifts, as we discover what we thought was true was not.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

The Arc of the Covenant


I can hear 

In the cover of night the assassins were released into the garden. Smaller than the eye can see, kept on ice until the time of need. Don't be surprised when she knocks on your door.

wind rain fire and storm

dark horse rise

The IrS is going to 'modernize'='commutize'

The Oval Office guy is a shell to be no more soon

There is a False leader of the Church of the old ways 

I live among the tribe of the Nazarenes

I became a mother through the birth of my daughter Mary of Bethlehem remaining as a vestal virgin anointed at Birth to teach you the old ways. I was given a gift of site of the moments in time. The Angel Gabriel is my guide and voice. They gave me the Names. My siblings are the Gods that wrath down upon you, some are good some are not. Our Father God Almighty had asked you for a few simple things after the lesson was taught to your fore bearers. We have life on this planet our Mother, which our Father allows. Here we are on this planet, animals making our way. Our Job is to obey Our Father God Almighty. I don't care for any name. You worship a false Idol for no man is perfect. Go out and multiply and live by my rules he says and Never forget the lessons I taught you. They have been imprinted on your soul that which makes you have the potential to be a Devine being. When you deny your Mother you deny Me, Your Father God Almighty Lord and Savior Maker and Destroyer.  Our Father God Almighty has sent so many messengers to reach you and still you have no peace. Is it clear now the fight at Antioch between Peter and Paul? The Rabbis had read the old books and knew the truth. The truth they had denied and made fun of. The tax man comith and you still have no representation because you have not practiced enough. To the drawing board with the base foundation. All man will see the Truth when he understands the Past.  Do not deny your Mother on your brief time on planet earth. This is yet one more's you that has to do it yourself. No one can do it for you. Don't deny your bothers and sisters of Earth while Kristin copied and pasted this for you



Acknowledge that there is only one G-d who is Infinite and Supreme above all things. Do not replace that Supreme Being with finite idols, be it yourself, or other beings. This command includes such acts as prayer, study and meditation.


Respect the Creator. As frustrated and angry as you may be, do not vent it by cursing your Maker.


Respect human life. Every human being is an entire world. To save a life is to save that entire world. To destroy a life is to destroy an entire world. To help others live is a corollary of this principle.


Respect the institution of marriage. Marriage is a most Divine act. The marriage of a man and a woman is a reflection of the oneness of G-d and His creation. Disloyalty in marriage is an assault on that oneness.


Respect the rights and property of others. Be honest in all your business dealings. By relying on G-d rather than on our own conniving, we express our trust in Him as the Provider of Life.


Respect G-d’s creatures. At first, Man was forbidden to consume meat. After the Great Flood, he was permitted – but with a warning: Do not cause unnecessary suffering to any creature.


Maintain justice. Justice is G-d’s business, but we are given the charge to lay down necessary laws and enforce them whenever we can. When we right the wrongs of society, we are acting as partners in the act of sustaining the creation.

That last one there...That. These are the rules which we live by on this Earth given to us by God our Creator.   

When you feel powerless remember we were set apart from the animals with the Gift of Fire. It is ours and may not be taken away. God our Father the Almighty permitted it and his will shall be done. It is the Mandate of Our Father God Almighty. 

The blasphemy being done to the Children that were made under the direction of Our Father God Almighty is seen by all. Do not deny that which is in front of you.

Tell me now God our Father the Almighty doesn't have a sense of humor and you should all be scared out of your minds....I hear the drums of Vallhalla, the chariots rise with the winged beast the vanguard.

Here you shall rebuild my Church

I told you I was going to tell you a story.


Now...let us reach the Stars