Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Cyan and Scarlet


Some seek gold and do its bidding.

Some seek God to do His bidding.  

When god is money you have everything you need. 

The sun is red from the refraction in the smoke. Blood red from fires in Canada.

What's the sun weather for the day? (It is a real thing and does make a difference here on terra.)

We don't control the weather.

Be still and listen

One day I'll tell you a story

My Sister and I wished our Father a happy birthday today. Separate and unaware...he will receive his card, albeit cheesy from me tomorrow perhaps. I sent it out the other day...my sister and her son called him early. I waited till 3 somethingish. Our mom laughed.

We wished our Father a happy birthday on his birthday, his birthday is not today. I would have sworn it though; He is the Lion. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Clarity of Site


When I see people discussing Trump vs DeSantis in the 2024 election I realize the peril we are in. The clear understanding that the President is a figure head to make you feel like you have a say. 

I'm imploring clarity of site.

Here in the Colorado Springs we are having a run up election for Mayor. I already know who is going to win and I also know it wouldn't matter either way. The policy of the future has already been implemented. They are taking down our power plant and soon the next one near by (Ray Nixon) will be coming down. 

In some school districts here in Colorado if a child is charged with attempted murder he still gets to go to school. They want violence everywhere. They bribe people in charge* of administrative duties or judges...you should see some of these people on-line...it would make your flesh want to remove itself from the vicinity of earth. What version of Pegasus are we on?

Homeowners across the country are getting their tax appraisals and have been given some shocking numbers. This is where I say if you took money from the State during the State mandated shut down through policy; the State has no money except that which it takes from you, is this the snake that eats itself? Only assets matter, anything they can take from you, equity for some equality for none; a j.o.b. is an asset if it has power. 

Our city is installing new valves for our water system so they can manage our water more conveniently.  Eric Garcetti in 2020 threatened to shut off peoples water because he didn't like them getting together. I'm not paranoid, I'm certain they have the power. Who wields the power? 

If they killed the Kennedy brothers 

JFK and RFK 

(a sitting President and his Attorney General)

 how many others as well

what is going to stop them? 

Honest question.

How do you stop a network that has all the soft and hard power while they control everything you see...they control the air waves, space waves, and brain waves. 

through the blood of Christ

 Angel's wings on fire

 kneel at the saint of Nature

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The Shadow of The Cross


I kneel before God The Father The Almighty.

 He teaches me humility before Him. 

It's His lessons for me to learn. 

I pray for Our Mother, The Holy Womb of The Messiah. 

I pray for peace in all our souls. 

In the Name of Our Father

In the Name of Our Mother

In the Name of the Holy Ghost

The Bride of Christ, The Holy Roman Church; We worship the Holy Trinity under The Shadow of The Cross; key word to the Truth is Roman. Part of the practice of Catholics is to take certain by passes of those that gave and went before us, those that were touched by God; from the Saint We ask for help and guidance, from the Angels We ask for help and guidance if we are losing site. We do not ask God for help. We are servants of God to do His biding. If we need guidance all we need to do is open our selves to The Word of God, which is written in signs all over the world and throughout the universe. 

The picture below is a painting from 1896, the artist was Henri Ault. The picture on the right is the same painting in the dark. It's called 'The Mystery Painting', it was bequeathed to the San Francisco de Asia Church in Taos, New Mexico by Mrs. Herbert Sydney Griffin. The changed person is the personal miracle. What Henry did was paint something that even in his time wasn't a style or subject matter that was glorified in his day; you see the enlightment had happened centuries ago and these were modern people on the cusp of new beginnings, a turn of the century and another turn towards darkness. In 1890 there was the Messiah War, the battle between the Sioux and the Us Army at Wounded Knee.

Angels and Saints are real and they walk with you today. You can not just believe in something, you have to have True practice of change and they will watch your progress, yes, real work, work on your own personal behavior and course change it. The good works you do is to be expected daily and not something you take pride in and announce.

                                                                 The Stations of The Cross

The Saints, those that were martyred before us; We bury their relics under Our alters, not just Saint Peters tomb. 

The Cristeros War

"Five articles of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico were particularly aimed at reducing the influence of the Roman Catholic Church in Mexican life. Article 3 demanded secular education in schools. Article 5 outlawed monastic religious orders. Article 24 forbade public worship outside of church buildings, while Article 27 restricted religious organizations' rights to own property. Finally, Article 130 took away basic civil rights of members of the clergy: priests and religious leaders were prevented from wearing their habits, were denied the right to vote, and were not permitted to comment on public affairs in the press.", "a priest who criticized the government could be imprisoned for five years."-I linked the information below so you can know more.

It was seditious behavior to speak out against the States actions against the Church and then they did what any good secular government does...it starts killing the faithful that speak the Truth... Here is a non wiki source concerning the Cristero War; The war between the Mexican Government and the Catholic Church

We venerate those that have been killed by the State for practicing their faith.

The Head of The State, The Pope is an elected official. Inside Our buildings is All Our Truth in the True Cathedral and in Our libraries, Under The Shadow of The Cross. You see our belief system doesn't need an intervener and we don't need a building.


We Hail Mary and Adore Her because She is Devine and chosen by God

The Holy Mother is the Chosen one by God Our Father, she has the ear of God. We praise Jesus for his Martyrdom; for the Truth He told and how He changed lives as He walked His path because He was touched by God, yes the Son of God, it doesn't matter if you believe it, this is what True Roman-Latin*-is that a better word usage here for understanding? This is probably heresy as much as speaking Latin is in the Church. God has risen men from the dead, that wasn't the special part about Him and this story is as old as time. 

The Brothers and Sisters whose lives were taken by a tyrannical State that refused them their beliefs are True Martyrs.

Do you know Our Lady of Guadalupe

 "¿No estoy yo aquĆ­ que soy tu madre?" 

"Am I not here, I who am your mother?"

Be still and listen 

One day I'll tell you are story

How many Church's have been burned down? Or have a rainbow flag flying? Or people dictating to you what your practice is as they tell you you are supposed to love everyone because that's what Jesus did in Truth Jesus was a warrior for the people as they were being taxed by a tyrannical State. The places of worship were ripe with rot and people were losing their way. They were supposed to be home in Jerusalem  but had been blending in with the times and the times were rotten. There was outrage that the taxes kept going up and they were not safe on the streets. You know that is part of the True history. There was a great deal happening at the time, that part of the world was large in scale of management of cultures and belief systems. Antioch was a common meeting place for people of all walks of life. I expect you to dive deep into the rabbit hole, it helps when you can see it all for your self.  

How many of you just got your tax appraisal in the mail? 

That means your home owners insurance is also going up.

Did you think that money they gave people when they shut everything down for a plague of the mind was going to not be paid back some how? They will bleed you.

All the Church's are under attack or already taken over. 

Under The Shadow of The Cross

Where we go one we go all

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Lest You Be Judged


First off let me remove this plank from my eye so I can type clearly because the subject matter is always what it is, subjective until we show objective. 

What is your objective?

"Don't judge me and my choice, that's not your place. It's God that will Judge me, not you measly human." 

Is there condemning in judgment?...wait, they weren't done...

"...or I will condemn you!" 

This is not a court of law, this is a House of God.

There seems to be confusion between the words, judge and condemn, or was it just hey, that's a mistake and is gonna have consequences. I have a little secret to tell you, judging someone isn't wrong, it's necessary. To judge is to discern right from wrong, good from bad, beautiful from ugly. They condemn themselves with their actions; this is where you start looking around.

Judging if something is good or bad is a necessity in life. It's called.........wait for it........ judgment. 


'lest ye be judged'

I think this teaching is being used against you. Ones behavior is and should be judged, ones actions do and should be judged, how else do you know if you can trust someone? Seriously? I know I can not trust a man disguised as a whorish woman that wants to be around children. Holy shit balls...that one is easy peasy. I also know I can not trust a man that pretends to be a woman...easy peasy again and I know I can not trust an adult that uses a child as a weapon; these things are as poisonous as...........wait for it..........the fruit from the tree of Good and Evil...for when there is no discernment Evil reigns. When a disingenuous person enters the conversation with Catholic Priest pedos, yes, the problem is bad but the priests aren't in control of the children, the teachers and therapists are, then turn your back on them...they aren't trust worthy. 

I'm told beauty is subjective and in the eye of the beholder...An outside can be beautiful but rotting inside from hate and envy. A woman that has had acid thrown on her face, is beautiful to someone. How we are, how we move, how we interact can be beautiful or ugly...


...denying beauty and insisting you accept ugly as beautiful is not the same as above. If you can not tell the difference you are either denying or have no ability to discern, that is a problem. Modern art is a perfect example and people with good taste know this. If something smells bad, it in all chances is...don't 'nuance' this and say something about a stinky cheese or durian...get up and leave the table and don't come back, this is a serious conversation and you are not helping, you are a road block. 

Take each thing for what it is and if you can discern the good from bad, please speak up.

I often sound judgmental because to some they don't know the difference between judging and condemning. I do not condemn, you do that with your own action or non action and time takes care; life isn't fair and everything works out in the wash.

You've been taught wrong. If your eyes and ears can not discern good from bad long term and short term consequences too...that's why we all have this mess...from the schools to the economy to families turned to ruins...not enough judgment and speaking up.

They are literally taking advantage of you because you either deny discernment or have no idea what I am talking about.



Who is your model for behavior? for life?

 ...What do you think drag queen story hour is? It is modeling behavior. Let me correct that...drag queen story hour...grown men dressed like whoreish women reading stories to children. Great idea morons

This is how bad it is...6 people were murdered at a school in Tennessee and the killer is being called a victim by the mentally deranged. They say "take away guns!" because that is what they have been taught. It's classic abuser/tyrannical behavior; they* kill people, we see it and say it, they become the victim because they are afraid someone will hurt them in return for killing people so they throw a temper tantrum because children throw temper tantrums.  

It's leftists youngins', The Red Guard that put you through a trial of contrition and the rainbow hand condemns you. You know I'm correct. The saddest part is that they have no idea they are being used and will be tossed away when no longer needed.  

What a mother knows the child does not. When the mother controls, the child will rebel. Free will with clear guidance and boundaries that expand with time and learning. 

The big problem is actually easy peasy to fix. I have the answer...you ready for this...

you are in control of you

you are not an automaton 

you actually don't have to follow the path of bad behavior lest you be judged

World domination is a heavy theme but in reality it's just as heavy as a feather or a ton of bricks in space, because that's what it is. I believe world domination can come when people see themselves for who they are and find their self correct code. 

I'm going to repeat myself with different choice words...


I wonder how many of you know that we are actually in a battle of good and evil? You need to see it and stop denying it.

Discernment is rare. 

If you can't discern the truth, fact, goodness and beauty before your eyes vs a lie, rot, ugly or danger, or a half truth right before your eyes then you might want to start opening your eyes. This strange Protest-ant culture of yours that has no tradition to hold on too was easy to take over. There are no consequences for your actions, or haven't you noticed that about your belief system. He gave himself so you could be free but you don't live under his Fathers commandments, yet you worship his son, a man. You do not kneel before the alter and you should. You wear jeans and a t-shirt in your holy sites because God should respect you? This is basic, from time eternal. Peter and Paul at Antioch.

You can't discern that a person in a lab coat might mean you harm as they say, 'no you can't get your paycheck until I inject you with this substance that will most likely cause you harm in some manner to which ever degree your body sees fit'. "I'm in lab coat, it's ok." "I'm a Doctor, I know what I'm doing"-many doctors don't know what they are doing...I don't give a shit if I hurt your feelings because you thought you knew what you were doing and I pointed out you don't. Modern medicine is doing more harm to society than Disney...but go give them your $'s.

I actually don't think people know what is really happening. 

You deny beauty and put on the pedestal a lie and worship it. 

the celebration of death

a life never lived

the wind did spin through time 

and on the bed did the lie meet them self

 the naked truth

If you are reading this and are not speaking up because you are scared...it will get worse if you don't. Staying quiet and not talking about what equity really means and how diversity is not what they say it means is dangerous. You can't pretend it's not in your company. There are wars on our doorstep. An asshole would call me paranoid for saying this out loud because they are scared and powerless and that is how they want you. You are not powerless. The plan is not one of peace. Climate change is happening but climate does not mean earthly it means the climate of economic order. 

When you stopped buying bud light because they hired a dude in a dress to advertise you didn't hurt anyone. This is called the destruction of capitalism. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023



Wanna go on a walk with me as I type out loud and I think critically?

I'm gonna roll the dice of some brain barf that someone might see...as the mind clicks as I hit as many switches to get it working in good order... 

What are the goals we are told? I'm just gonna shout out a fewish.

How do they get us where they want us?-as a human population and populations.

Net zero carbon; that's so dumb, I can't believe anyone thinks this is good or that's what they mean...they mean for you, you know it secretly right? You just feel powerless so you ignore it? They track all your 'carbon usage' already. The more you say you can't do anything about it the more you can't. What do you have control of? 

One World Order...Order; humans are extremely easy to order because they are manipulatable. Psychiatrist much? How many people think themselves to be independent thinkers is like asking someone if they are a good driver. It'll be easy pickins. You should put your mask back on.

The 15 min city is real, please don't pretend it's not. The capitol was gated in and surrounded by National Guard Units pointing outward at you and then they closed down businesses and if you 'nuance' this by saying no one forced it or it wasn't the federal government then you are dense and don't deserve a seat at the table; If we were solving a math problem I would make sandwiches for everyone. 

I think I add this here...'They sure did reach their agenda 2021 goals smoothly'; could it have possibly helped having a lock down...hmmmm.....let's think about it. Are you ready for 2030...2050? of course not...How many recent trends have you gone along with because you didn't want to rock the boat. The boat is going under because you all went too far to one side...is it too late? I see rainbow flags flying in Protest-ants church's...Enders Games is funnier now to me when I marry it with God instructions to level the earth of the heathens, do you worship a man or God? I ask again. 

"You can't know what's in someones heart Kristin." The fuck you say...this is such a simple tiny little thing to grasp...your protest-ant religion says, 'go forth and multiply'...not kill them before they are born and spade and neuter the young...I can't believe I'm saying this again; I do wish the Messiah was around the corner or your revelations was about to happen...such a simple tiny little thing but it is the most important thing. It is something that is in the care of a mother because of her actions, her prize, her gift of life. Baby murder is not safe or rare and is not 'health care' if they just killed a person. Yes, a baby is a real person, meek with no voice; don't worry, not for a loss, they harvest that little baby for her parts. Great job people.  Maybe you can take a pill that our super friendly neighborhood pharmacist came up with to kill the baby inside you, it's less messy that way, super convenient and certainly one less mouth to feed. I'm sure it's safe and effective...how many side effects did it list? risk of mothers death not just child...is that on there? Doctors give these pills with out verification of pregnancy, super safe and solid. Great Doctoring doctors...great peopling and such. Our doctors doctor via data and consensus...not health and individual. Did your doc tell ya you would birth a baby in a toilet? Some one should tell you the truth.

The UN 'build back better' 75th anniversary was a site most don't know even happened. It doesn't matter you think?...it matters friendO. T.I.A...used to mean T.his I.s A.frica because of all the corruption...now it's T.his I.s A.merica....Hunter Biden says What?...Who are the Marionettist's? (I had to look that up, I knew there was another name for a puppeteer, sofa=couch, cocktail table=coffee table, woman=female/adult.

The UAP's are not alien UFO's, I'm at 89%. I wish just they were they just aren't now. Or are they....? That is a joke but it could be a time bending thing...bending time is not hypothetical or theoretical. 

Special Ops; the theme was and is Perception is Reality while you learn to peel a shrimp while holding a plate, napkin and a glass; white wine spritzer is the best choice. When Osama Bin Laden was taken they flew in to Pakistan 2 Stealth Black Hawks. One of the stealth helicopters, low observable by radar, tail hit the compound wall when they were 'going in' that's how we discovered* some new stealth stuff and on a helicopter too..."surprise surprise surprise"...Vegas much? Why do I bring up this up? This was our high tech...I'm not saying it's not high tech, we just don't have anti-gravity? machines...the word anti-gravity wording is primitive when discussing these matters this stuff. 

I don't believe a word they put out, say or put in your minds. "VoodooWarriors mount up!" 

Holograms and layered light...duh, all lasers are light. Laser is acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Sometimes that tiny bit of extra information will click a switch in your mind, a reminder of something you have forgotten. What can be programmed into a radar system?

harvest your childs mind of data

 harvest your childs mind of morals 

harvest your childs mind of civility 

harvest your childs mind of logic 

harvest your childs mind of reason 

harvest your childs minds health

Do you dismiss this because I left out the apostrophe on childs...the child does not belong to you in a communist commune, the child is owned. A child belongs to parents. A child is owned by a government. The State only has what it takes from you. ...did they make* you put an experimental drug in your body so you could earn a living? In some places you weren't allowed even into a grocery store if you didn't have the experimental jab...If you don't like me talking about it because you found out you made a bad choice and listened to experts* and not the people they were censoring; it's like you don't know how they play this game.  

When all you do is watch what they put in front of you then you are being f. e. d. 

What happened at that concert in Vegas?

Why did that guy in Nashville blow up and AT&T building and didn't kill anyone...?

Our $ is tanking; was it really worth anything? It's way past time for honesty when they are going to knee cap those with good credit and loan capital* to those that have proven to be a risk...let's give clean needles to drug users so they stay safe and won't get aids. If you think the people that do experiments on whole populations is going to tell you the truth and give you good advise...put your mask on to stop a virus that is smaller than a cell way which I don't know if ya know is smaller than the fabric weave...go ahead. 

They are purposely pushing violence; It obvious when they prosecute self defense and let offenders walk away. If you think the State can't take your guns because of 2A let's talk about options they have. The State has used chemical and ordnance weapons upon its citizens in the past. They release violent criminals on unsuspecting citizens in truth. From chaos comes order?...there really is no question mark there, I add it for flare. 

a. Here in Colorado, some kids moronic teacher that was educated* so well they think they deserve to have their student loans repaid by everyone else...the fuck you say...you must not see how this works, oh that's right, you are educated in wanting and blame can issue a red flag, or an administrator...Superb idea I must say...we should also put the mental ill idiots in charge of education and health. Fuck this shit is what you should be saying to yourself. As they harvest your childs mind and soul. They should probably take your weapons away if you say anything extremist, "I don't believe it's right and good and proper to kill a child in Utero." "I don't think and believe it is right and good and proper to lie to a child about who they are." How do you protect yourself from the State made criminals running the streets if the childs school therapist deems you a threat because you don't believe in their religion? Red Flagged is what you get. Don't believe me? some never do...

2. Let's talk weapons systems and tactics...let's talk about what they know about you and how they can see everything you do, hear it...know it before you do-that is a weapons system.. Do you still wanna talk about them? They have every system turned against the citizen. 

This isn't a third it's just some info you might not know; at the end of the Cold War We (the royal We) decided to have an enactment, Enduring Stockpile it was called. The FBI raided the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons facility under the guise of eco terrorists then proceeded to abscond with nuclear weapons...don't worry about it...you can trust them, they are just regular people like you and me. They are also very transparent, I know this because the State department states so regarding our nuclear capacity. Why wouldn't I believe someone from the US government. 

This one world order thing is real; all other western countries have fallen....for true when you step back and look. We are the only ones with guns...small town minds think they are safe. Our whole worlds were turned upside down because of a virus they made to attack us...are people not allowed to talk about this in polite society or something? Ahhhh...yes...it's you admitting you still take all the drugs the drug company sells you...you are still listening to your allopathic dr and your dr of education and your dr of some religious studies that has no idea how to live their own life in goodness? 

But you know that the state has all media on lock down, that's everything you see...from box lite items...

What about the sky? does the Air Force control that too? Lights, camera action from space it comes

Where do you fall in all of this? What part are you playing?

The Lady of Fatima wishes to know what 100-89 is? 

Monday, April 24, 2023

Crazy Turnaround


Ya know what's crazy...it's not bad to evil yet we can turn it around.