Thursday, February 28, 2013

I’m Ashamed Of Our Goverment

Our elected officials are a disgrace to our great Country, conservative and liberal alike.
We have elected representatives that talk about the difference between rape and legitimate rape…there is only one kind of rape…ONE.
The White House threatens a member of the press if their agenda is called out as false.

Our press is a disgrace and has proven themselves that their agenda is for sale: The right-FOX and the left- NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN…you name it.

Every legal immigrant should be ashamed of their adopted country because The President and his immigration policy has disenfranchised them and the process to become legal.

Our First Amendment has been quietly squashed by both parties and the White House. Yes, it’s only when Secret Service is around but it's an easy thing to put Secret Service where they (whom ever is in charge at the time) deem the threat of free speech. Both parties passed this, not one.

Our Second Amendment is not being squashed but it’s been put to task through fear. The Second Amendment is not about hunting. It’s for the protection of we the people to stop a government that attacks it’s people.
Did you know there is a town in Alabama that want’s to sign a law that will give the police the right to take away peoples weapons during a crisis or emergency. There is documentation (video) of authorities taking legally owned weapons by non-criminals after Katrina. 

The sequestration was passed by both parties and signed by the White House.  Be mad at both parties.
Sadly one party wants a reduction in spending, not the spending we all ready have but the proposed INCREASE of the INCREASE in spending. The President also wants to raise taxes…again…to pay for part of that INCREASE  of the INCREASE in proposed spending.
Our budget needs to be cut...not increased.
How do we cut it though?
This is a sweeping problem across the board with both parties…

Nobody wants a project or such cut in their state…that might cut jobs…Or a cut in anything that could potentially take their vote away…

Our DOD budget is out of control.
One way to cut it is to get rid of Commissaries, BX/PX and NEX’s on CONUS. Moving Military members every 2, 3 or 4 years costs money…awhile ago there was a try at ‘homesteading’ …where Military members could stay at one assignment for an extended amount of time. It doesn’t work for the majority of the Military though because to get promoted you have to get boxes checked and the only way to do that is to move around from position to position.
There are probably a billion ways to cut the DOD budget but it would take common sense…Part of the problem is our elected officials…again…They have a military installation in their state that provides jobs…don’t cut that because it’s their backyard, their state.
Our DOD is a bloated mess.

The Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable, it’s socialized medicine. Some people think it’s great, others see it as an expensive burden. In the long term I believe the majority of Americans will see this as a burden even those that see it as great now.

To many people on the left and the right have blinders on and are seeing only that which suits their agenda or that what goes against their agenda.
That said there are people who think we are moving in the correct direction...
The direction where our Constitution is dismissed when it doesn’t go along with what they see as correct. Where the Federal/State Government pico legislate our lives.  

Some of our elected officials will pay the price at the next election by not being re-elected but it takes We The People and common sense to do this…
I’m afraid common sense isn’t common though...

I’m proud to be an American but I’m ashamed of our Government.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Hair Adventure…Hummmmph!

It’s been a year and some months since I started growing out my hair…I’ve had some bad hair days and some horribly shity ones with maybe…MAYBE... 3 good ones?

I’m trying and it seems on a daily basis my hair tries my patience.

Note…To TRY is not to DO but to have the idea deep-seeded that it might not work…So DO, don’t TRY.

That note being said…I’m only ‘trying’ to grow out my hair. I think anyone that knows me knows it WILL ALL get cut off sooner or later…even my hairstylist.

It’s been so long since it wasn’t short I had forgotten what my hair was really like or my hair had changed since I was younger…I think it changed…
It’s curly in some areas, stupid straight and wavy in others.

I bought a diffuser (thank you F1 for the advise) with long prongs so I could ‘curl’ it. I also bought a straightener …I despise my hair straight…I have a tiny face and I look like an idiot. I don’t use the straightener anymore.

I have had it trimmed a few times with layers for body but alas it’s SOOoooooo much work and takes so much time I find it irritating.
My friend Wendy sent me a post about the ‘Curly girl method’…basically don’t wash it, condition the crap out of it and use tons of product. It works…but still takes foooooorreeeeeeever.
I used to be 20 minutes shower to door and looking ‘ok’…now I’m 11/2 hours shower to door with a lack of confidence and I feel like I’m not me.

Last night I was watching the Oscars (part of them anyway) and out walks Charlize Theron, beautiful beyond words with her short hair (I’m not comparing myself to her, I just love her hair). My Man looked at me and said…
…”You getting your hair cut off tomorrow?”
I miss my short hair so very much. I hate taking forever and being in my eyes, ‘high maintance’.
I don’t have thick luscious hair. I have a disaster on my head that looks like a rats nest on what I consider a good day.
Am I getting my hair cut…not yet. I think to myself...'give it more time, you will learn’. Will I get it cut off soon, fuck yes I will.
'Soon’ though could be a week, a month…but no longer than 3 months!

The links below are my last blogs on my hair...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I’m In A Relationship

It’s official…I’m in a relationship. (It’s weird to type out…not weird to experience.)

I waited to share this until the Children knew. They just thought he and I were best friends and did everything together.

I was friends with him for a couple years before but we have been ‘together’ for a bit over a year now.
It was a little complicated of a start as he was separated from his now Ex for years…before I knew him/them. Why they waited to divorce is none of my business. I know I wasn’t the problem in their marriage…before they separated.

When he and I became friends…(we met when he locked his keys in his car…and I got them out)…we discovered a great deal in common…like our very jacked up sense’s of humor and our shared love of all things jacked up.
Yada, yada, yada…

I love him very much. We have already created an enormous amount of memories together and with our Children.

We joked about coming out on FB…
…we did not joke about coming out to our Children...
Coming out to our Children was something we waited to do and discussed and read and discussed and read some more. Our Children are our priority. I love his, he love’s mine.
We sat them down on the same night in our respective homes (across the street from one another) and told them.
The reactions were mixed. I can only speak for what happened in my house…
My BrownNut was very upset. She told me she just wanted me to be single forever and I suppressed my laugh as I have already put their world on end and I respect her and her feelings. I reassured her nothing was different than before. A couple days later she was fine with it but I know issues will arise…I’m under no false beliefs.
My LittleGuy asked…
…”Are you guys having S.E.X?!”
My reply was…
…”I wouldn’t answer that question even if I was still married to your father.”
He was and is fine with it.
My LoveBug was hilarious much to the dismay of BrownNut…
…”This is how I feel…I feel like my best friend is dating my sister.”
…”I knew the moment I met him….(hand on chin, one eye squinting and head bobbing up and down)…This is a match!”
My Children have grown to love him.
We did things very slowly…meeting at a pizza place (them not knowing it was planned)…My three with me and he with his two. Having them over for a water balloon fight. Going to the pool.
Slowly and methodically we got the Children used to him being around my Children and me around his.
It was and is very important for us to keep the status quo and reassure them nothing has changed. Eventually we will hold hands in front of them and I imagine the boys response will be…
I have no idea what the girls will do.

I know and he knows that issues will come up but communication being key to a relationship is something we are well aware of and practice daily.

I love doing everything with him: grocery shopping, Costco trips, cooking dinner, chillin’ on the sofa, road trips, gaming, ect…
I also have reached a point where I don’t wanna go dancing with the girls unless he went with me. I would miss him and I know I just wouldn’t have as much fun…that’s a hard one to wrap a head around for those that know me.
So …there ya have it.
I love and I am loved by a wonderful, caring, handsome as fuck, generous, funny as shit and remarkable Man that I respect and he respects me back.
He knows how imperfect I am and I am not the easiest Woman to love but he does it everyday.
I love you Kevin.

Rainbows, hearts, unicorns and all that shit.