Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boycott this...

Four more years…giddy up fuckers here comes Obamacare and much more!
I keep reading about folks enraged, perturbed or straight up pissed because companies are either going to have to lay off workers or cut back hours of workers…So they are calling for boycotts of said companies.

Papa Johns…
…Are but three companies people are calling to boycott, there are many more.

Ahhhhhhhhh…Free healthcare.
Nothing is FREE douche bags!

These companies ‘you’ want to boycott are business trying to make money because that’s the American way and as far as I am aware this country, land of the free, is a Capitalist society…but because Obama is our President and some seriously unfuckingeducated people with a dangerous lack of common sense voted for him we are stead fast on the way to becoming a Socialist society with a side of Communism.

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

Papa Johns started out as a small buisness…someone’s dream that grew into the American dream through hard work.
Let’s boycott Papa John’s because they are successful?
Nope…let’s boycott them because you think healthcare should be free. It’s not free.

You, the person that voted for this, will pay for the ‘free' healthcare for everyone else.
In higher prices.
Oh, wait…let’s boycott them so their revenues dive and then they have to lay off even more people in this magical job economy. (Don’t worry, it’s all Bush’s fault.)
Fucking brilliant move jackass.

That truck driver that delivers the pepperoni to the pizza place…
He drives a truck that needs regular maintenance which is done by a mechanic.
That pepperoni comes from somewhere…Do you think that cow kill’s itself and then turns magically into pepperoni. No. It’s made in a factory…by people.
If ‘you’ boycott Papa Johns (my example) not only are you hurting that company, you create a chain of events.
Genius motherfucking move douche bag.

Side note...WalMart, well I don’t like shopping there. It’s not that I boycott them but I only go there when I feel …blah...and I leave feeling like a super model.

I have now, most likely pissed off and insulted half of my facebook friends.
It’s nothing personal.
…but a chain of events IS created when you boycott a business…because ‘YOU’ thought you could get something for free.

Didn’t your Mama ever tell you…
…Nothing is FREE.