Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Are You The Irrational One?

My view point is MY perspective.
My life has been different than yours...and your’s has been different than mine.

I lived in the Middle East for 8+ years during my formidable youth, NOT as a military brat.
I never served in the military. I was married to it though.

I’m a card carrying Republican Wiccan. I’m a Republican because when I registered years ago in Florida you had to declare a party so you could vote in primaries.
I am more a Republican than I am a Democrat on many issues.
I am more a Democrat than I am a Republican on many issues.
I am a liberal Republican.
I’m an Independent that doesn’t vote any party line.
…I also don’t believe the ‘church’ belongs any where near politics and the Republicans have made it part of it’s core. It’s truly a shame.

My daughter, BrownNut, said to me yesterday…
…”I saw some commercials about Mitt Romney and President Obama and I’m confused…”

I had to explain to her that those commercials are not the truth. That the have some truth in them but they are selling something…just like the Lightbright commercial…or the Ninjago cartoon.
The cartoon? Yes…they are selling legos. It’s a 30 min commercial.

The news, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN…yada, yada, yada…are just commercials for their view point.
They are selling you something.
Many people turn on the news and listen to the talking heads and think what they are saying is cold hard fact.
It’s just a few facts thrown in for good measure.
Just like Romney investing in China…Guess what? Obama’s pension fund (from his time in Chicago) also has an investment in China. Neither of them have a say where the investments go.

Read…read not just what you want to believe.

The murder of four Americans in Bengazi was spun by our ‘leaders’ as a youtube video demonstration that turned very ugly Yes…they did spin it as long as they could). All the while it was a terrorist attack that I’m not sure could have been avoided.
I wonder why they would do such a thing…
…they now spin this disaster faulting everyone but the themselves and their…"let’s not upset the Muslims” mindset.
Our President met with the islamic brotherhood and not the leader of Israel.
The disconnect is apparent.

Irrational People...

Let’s say you get in a political discussion/argument with someone…things get heated…a little tense.
Can YOU check yourself?
Can YOU make sure YOU are not the irrational person?
Can YOU stop and think?…And see YOURself?

If you can’t YOU are the irrational person.

Our President is our Ambassador to the world...
Sadly most people…most rational people will vote for ‘the lesser evil”.
There are multiple party’s running….and more people that I care to do research on.
…and yes, if you vote for someone other than Obama or Romney your vote WILL be wasted. Our country isn’t a 3 Party country…yet.

So good luck to all of you on your choice for Commander a Chief…

I hope the conservative, liberal, moderate wins…’cause that’s a good mix.

…Oh…and remember to check YOURself…don’t be the irrational person.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kitchen Disaster?

My Children are on their fall break…for two weeks…
I like to cook when they are home.

I bought a huge bag of cranberries and majool dates at Costco yesterday…
…and thought how can I use them…?

So this morning I made a double batch of a quick bread muffin like thing…
Flour, butter….apples, dates and chopped cranberries…

To chop the cranberries I got out my food processor. As I did I dropped it and busted the lid. It still works for now. I am gonna have to invest in a new one I guess. It’s ok…it was probably to small for me and old as fuck.

I proceed to start my mixing and such..then the baking…
My shiz comes out of the oven looking so pretty…

I slice a little piece off to taste.

I forgot to put the sugar in.

I stood there distraught and bummed out and brain stormed.
I hate waste.

Thanksgiving is coming up…
This disaster in the kitchen is gonna make a fabulous dressing to go with the Turkey…I’ll just freeze it till then.
…or stuff a some pork…that would be yummy too.

The moral of this story is…
A failure is only a failure if you believe it.
I rock.

Note…I also made some bacon this morning…I mixed brown sugar and cinnamon and coated each slice, twisted it and baked it in the oven…for to long.
I told the Children they were caramelized. It sounded better than burnt.
The ‘caramelized bacon’ is now in their bellies.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Fat Pants

Fat pants?!!!
Yes, almost every woman has a pair, or a few. They vary in sizes as Women vary in sizes…
We wear them if we have unexpectedly gained weight from the cruise, the Holiday parties, laziness, the delicious eggs we ate and the Iceburgs we drank on our holiday in Mexico…:/

Well, in 2/3? years I have torn 3 ligaments in my right knee, shredded 1 in my right wrist, broken 2 bones in my left arm/wrist and one in my right wrist. Topped off with a fabulous case of tendonitis in my right knee…that is sticking with me like super glue.
I have also been working on projects that are time consuming…Skyrim is a time vampire.
Needless to say working out has been a low priority…and more difficult physically than before I fucked my body up.
Much to my chagrin I have not gained a great deal of weight but my weight distribution and body composition has changed.
Sadly I had to move up to my ‘fat pants’…Size 5 juniors.
Please understand that…
Fat Pants are perspective.

Suck it bitches…Stay classy Colorado Springs. I’m on a ‘diet’ now.
I will probably even start working out…with my right wrist brace in place and running in the pool…whoop! So fun.

Many of my girlfriends have ripped bodies.
Some of them eat/drink special foods. They like it, I guess, and the way it makes them feel.
Not me…the food part.
I have been ‘ripped’ in the past. Let me clarify; my legs, arms and back have been ripped but never my abs…I hate ab work.
My diet consists of this…and always has.
…Anything I can make spicy or add hot sauce, fruits, veggies, coffee, iced tea and some gummie bears thrown in once in awhile and yummy red wines.

I’ll eat what I love.

I’ll just eat less.

I refuse to compromise my taste buds but I will compromise and eat half of what’s on my plate...or use a smaller plate…most times.

My Ex’s parents have had some serious health issues lately and my heart is breaking for his whole family.
They had always been vigilant with their diet and exercise. They took their supplements, would go for walks…until my Ex-Mother-in law had a stroke and recently Ex Father in Law passed away.
Waiting for their Golden years that were not what they expected.

I bring this up for a reason…

My Dad had a heart attack 10 1/2 years ago. He changed some of his habits after…and kept others.

I don’t believe in supplements. It’s been proven your body does not absorb them. Which study do you want to read that supports your stand point…pick one…then pick another that says the opposite.
I’ll get all my vitamins and minerals from real food thank you.

I won’t do a cleanse unless I hit up Taco Bell…that may drop pounds but it’s not good for your body. Don’t argue with me either.

A diet is that which you put in your body…everyone is ALWAYS on a ‘diet’.

We are all gonna die. It’s true. I swear…and food is a high priority.
I’m blessed to not have some allergy that makes food difficult or impossible to digest.

I don’t like all these diet trends.

Eat less. Move more.
Live now.
Tomorrow might not come around…