Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Melting Pot and the American Communist Revolution

The University of Michigan spent $16,000 on a campaign to help tell students what they could and couldn't say because those words/phrases might be offensive.

This program is "supposed to help everyone FEEL inclusive." educate not regulate.
Feelings- an emotional state or reaction.
..." will improve the day to day around words that are offensive."
Offensive- causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset or angry. (Those are feelings.)

The University Of California is busying condemning 'microaggressions'. Microaggressions are a bunch of hurt feelings as far as I'm concerned. I don't care about your feelings.

I tell my Children, "You get to choose. You can be happy, sad, angry, mad. Those feelings are choices."
If you want to live a happy life you should pick happy feelings.

"I believe the most qualified person should get the job."- Microaggression. No shit.
I suppose that means what? The person who is of simple mind should get the job? I shouldn't have said 'simple mind' bad. I'm not allowed to say retarded even in proper context of the meaning of the word so I'll say "simple mind". I sound mean no matter what I say.
I got ahead of myself pointing out the past censorship of a word that has led to this farce of political correctness that almost everyone of you authorized.
Back to the most qualified...sometimes the most qualified does not get the job. Sometimes the people hiring for a certain position have...wait for it...
...affermative action. You are also prohibited for saying stuff about affirmative action.

I'm not going to tell you all the asinine microaggresions...
You can read them here.

...And now on to my title...
"A melting pot and the American Communist Revoulution", " Melting pot" is also considered a microaggression.
No lie.
What's the matter with these people that ARE IN CHARGE OF EDUCATION AT A MAJOR UNIVERSITIES?!
Control the language. Control the people.
A Socialist system instead of a Capitalist system.
After the Russian revolution the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) came in to power. A Socialist/Marxists party that grew and split and changed per Lenin into the Russian Communist Party (RCP). Things went down hill from there. The banning of phrases and words...don't say anything against the party. Not even a whisper.
We are, right now, in the midst of the American Communist Revolution masquerading as Political Correctness, Progressivism, Income inequality statements, forcible of seizure of goods...Common Core education 'standards'.

This is THE greatest country that has ever existed on this planet to date.
There are many reasons for my above statement.

#1. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights....(which has been impeded and we need to take it back).

#2. We are a country of laws not rulers. Our Constitution was written in mind that men are imperfect and when a man (I should say person to be PC...LOL) has power he will abuse it.

#3. We are a country of immigrants. This is a very important part of our countries greatness. It's also a problem because our countries laws have been hijacked by politically correctness. Our own elected twice President is ignoring and dismissing our (and his) laws.
I'm not supposed to say 'illegal immigrant' even though they entered this country and ignored our immigration laws..because they were inconvenient? Sorry for your inconvenience.
Our forefathers came across the oceans, Atlantic and Pacific, to build this nation. To make a home better than the one they left for their Children and Children's Children.

We are a melting pot. We should be proud of that fact.

Pho restaurants dot street corners.
We love taco Tuesdays.
Did you know Midori, a melon liquor, is actually the Japanese word for green?
Our families are mixes of different nations.
We celebrate Cinco de Mayo and St Patricks day with more enthusiasm than Mexico or Ireland.
Pizza...don't get me started.

Our Immigrant forefathers brought with them the love of their birth countries with the knowledge that there was more out there...more opportunity...more freedom.
They also assimilated. Some of them maybe took a little long but they did in the end.

My own father would attend Mass in Polish as a young man. We celebrate Easter with Polish food, we call it the Cabbage and Porkfest. I also have a great deal of Scandinavian heritage but the only attachment to that is names of family one of my brothers...Thor. I also have Russian heritage and the story (I'm still working on researching my family history) is that during the Bolshevik Revolution my family fled.
We all speak English...properly (I'm an annunciation snob). My Children are Peruvian, Korean and a a mix of black/caucasian/hispanic.
My mom's family had a story how her ancestors, native Cherokee, walked along the trail of tears. I have a necklace that was given to me that has Job's tears seeds. There was this loooooong story, and very sad, where it came from...It was all a lie. I took an ancestral DNA test and found out Elizabeth Warren has more native heritage than me. I'm 100% European. My moms family I guess was just made of really good story tellers.

If we don't learn from our ancestors past we will let that happen here. People ran from Communism. If they didn't they maybe didn't understand that Communism is not for the leaders but for the people.
...Venezuela is a fantastic conventional example. "Do you have a square to spare?"

Our nation is a melting pot and that is WHY we are exceptional...the greatest of all the world coming together to create and make One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

All of our different flavors blend to become one with each essence creating umami.

...but please never forget we are laws first.

The American Communist Revolution is creating division by eliminating 'melting pot'.