Friday, April 4, 2014

REAL ObamaCare Numbers

President Obama came out with the fantastic news on the ACA and, and what he referred to as ObamaCare.

7.1 million people have enrolled.
That is a huge number and we should be proud. (Sarcasm is hard to read.)

Note...These are REAL numbers from the NCPPR (National Center for Public Policy Research)

2/3 (4.7 million) already had insurance and just switched over to a new plan under the ACA.
1/3 (2.4 million) new enrollees. (People that didn't have insurance before.)
        Of that 1/3  of new enrollees few than 1/2 of them have not paid their premiums.

Those are real numbers and it totals 7.1 million.

If you subtract those that had insurance already and those that have not paid their premiums the total of people that didn't have insurance before the deadline that are NOW insured is...

Math time!

7.1 million enrolled per President Obama
- 4.7 million previously insured (just switched over)
= only 2.4 million new enrollees (people who didn't have coverage before)
- 1.2 million of new enrollees have not paid their premiums
= 1.2 million people that were not insured before are now insured.

ObamaCare/ACA has actually only signed up 1.2 million people.

Now...I''ll add some more numbers because not to would be unkind and make this an untruth...
Changes to Medicare, Medicaid and allowing youth up to the age of 26 to be on their parents plan within this tax law we can add more numbers...but can we really?

I will anyway with the caveat that at 18 you can join the military and die for The United States Of America. You can also vote...both of those are not for the light hearted.
Responsibility wise you are technically an adult at age 18.
I think it's insulting to those in their early twenties, that written into this law, the Obama administration doesn't think they are responsible to manage their money but can give their life.

4.5 million people were able to enroll in Medicare because of changes in eligibility.
3.1 million 'Youth' (that is hard for me to type) now covered under their parents plan.

More math time!

1.2 million new enrollees.
+ 4.5 million new medicare enrollees
+3.5 million 'youths' covered under parents
= 9.2 million

Now a little wrench thrown in not to spin but for a little slap in the face...
- 6, 286,357 million people that got kicked off their plans because of ObamaCare/ACA
= 2,913,643

Note...we can spin this any way you want, Obama sure did.

This law has been changed 38 times so far and cost the American people billions of dollars so far...
I think the cost of this will be later on another blog.