Thursday, August 29, 2013

To My Children’s Biological Mothers

Dear Women that changed my life,

Where do I begin?
I guess I’ll start with thanking you for doing the most difficult thing in the world…carrying my child in your womb for 9 months. I don’t know two of you. I met the biological mother of my youngest and was there at his birth, he’s my only domestic adoption.
Your strength still amazes me...all three of you.
You could have taken ‘the easy way out’(which I don’t believe is truly easy). Thank you for your sacrifice of a mere 9 months….because with that you gave ME three of the most amazing Children in the world.
Three Children I couldn’t have on my own.

My Children are now…
BrownNut, Peru…she’s going to be 12 next week.
LoveBug, Korea…he just turned 10 on the 26th.
LittleGuy, Japan, (USA domestic)…he’s going to be 9 … next week.

These Children our not just ‘my Children’ (although they are) they are Children of this world. The future leaders, movers and shakers…each in their own way.
They are intelligent, attractive and talented…they are also funny, well spoken (most of the time, though sometimes their vocabulary is a little ‘colourful’ and fart jokes are hilarious to them), they have manners (most of them good) and are very loving.

You might wonder why I’m writing this…I’m writing this because you, their biological Mothers, I never forget. I think of you every night when I thank you and God for blessing me with motherhood.
When I look in my Children's eyes, hear their voices or just have a random thought of them during the day I sometimes wonder …nature or nurture?
I LOVE my Children with all my heart and soul.

If you are struggling with a life changing decision …for what ever reason…PLEASE, I BEG you…
9 months may seem like a life time to you but to me and other Moms and Dads out there…
YOU have the power to give someone a family. …AND A REAL LIFETIME TO A REAL HUMAN.

I struggled many years…even after the adoption of my Children…with the pro-life/pro-‘choice’ dilemma. Who am I to judge? I am nobody to judge…that is not my place. How ever as I got and get older though I have come to the conclusion that the ‘choice’ of a woman’s body disregards that of the life of the baby living in her.
This is not about when life begins…this is not a religious thing…

…This is about thanking biological mothers and letting them know that NINE months of their life gave me my three Children and they are healthy and happy…and I’m one of the most blessed people on the planet.

Much Love,
A Mom, because of you.