World Domination

December 31, 2010 I declared I wanted World Domination.
This was not a joke and scary as it is something I might not ever achieve.

If I never try I have already failed.

My ultimate goal I will not share.
BUT... I will share that I would like a column in a magazine, book deals, a T.V. show…I want to be everywhere.

What do I want them to entail?

My cooking
My opinions


My life is interesting I think, so I share it with the world. I will keep my secrets locked behind the pages but I will share all that I can.

I’m kinda like a mix of Martha Stewart on crack, sans the crack, Rachel Ray, with a less irritating voice,
Oprah, but white, Carrie and Samantha from Sex in the City, Joan Rivers, with less plastic surgery and Mata Hari…

If you wish to contact me privately;