Saturday, September 1, 2012

You may not think I am mature but I really am

Mature…It can encompass several definitions.
Grown up boring like behavior...
Adult themed ideas...

I have covered a great deal in my blog…
…Some blogs contain very adult themes.
I am not ashamed of any of them.


My BrownNut turns 11 on Monday and I’m not an idiot.
My Children know I write a blog but have only been allowed to read a few of my posts…like stories of how I became a Mom and such…

They don’t have phones or e-readers or any such thing yet but they most likely will soon.
They also are not allowed to get on the internet unless I am sitting next to them…and You-Tube…off limits unless I am in control.
They will have electronics soon enough to get on the internet on their own. I hope I have taught them the rights and wrongs, the goods and bads…and that You-Tube…as funny as the Bacon Dog is…can contain things that are not appropriate for young Children even if you enter the correct address.

So this weekend I am going to be a grown up.
I am deleting some blogs I don’t want them to find with ease on their own.
I say with ease because the internet is forever…I’m not stupid.

I’m still…mature…certainly my language will not improve on here…thats just a retarded mentally slow thought.
…I’m not worried about them seeing swear words, they can go to the park and see them written on playground equipment for goodness fucks sake.

So off I go..into deleted territory. The graveyard of blog posts…where my most read will end up.

I’m not gonna stop blogging.
The Wellbutrin is almost out of my system now…my ADD is returning and with it my creative mind.

See ya soon readers…cause boy do I have a stories to share with you...