Wednesday, November 5, 2014

If you don't like my political this.

I post many political post. I lose 'friends' over my posts...ok obviously they weren't my friends.

You might wonder why I post?
Why I care so much about politics?
Why I care about policy?
...because so many people don't care.
...because so many people don't 'get it'.
...because so many people think they understand...but really don't.

As an American I believe in the future. However over the past 100 years our future has eroded by means of politics and policy.

  1. Slavery is a legal or economic system under which people are treated as property. Though laws and systems vary, as property, enslaved persons, referred to as "slaves", may be bought and sold.
States school lunch programs? They have become slaves to the federal mandates...but only if they take money from the federal government. Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you understand the use of the word...slavery?!
..."I gave you money for your school system and you accepted you can only have one mayo packet because I don't think you or your parents are smart enough to know what is good for you...I do."
I thought we abolished slavery?

Common Core standards? Do a massive amount of research and learn the truth. All states that adopted it received federal money (money they took from tax payers). What will the end result of common core be? (Do your own research...and be scared.) It leaves every one of our children on an even playing field..ya know...we have to be fair. It leaves our 12th graders with a 9th grade education.
Why would our government want to do that?
I thought we abolished slavery?

School Choice? What's wrong with backing parents being allowed to put their children into schools they see as the best for their children? homeschooling...H to the double L no. You can't possibly be smart enough to know how to do that. (I'm not...but some of you are.)
Our government is against this...why?

Welfare is awesome?'s aight. There is a need for it...but when it becomes a way of life and the only way to get food you have the government controlling you...
Section 8 housing? ...waaaaait...that means you can only live in a government approved housing.
Why would you want that?
I thought we abolished slavery?

ObamaCare...You have free health insurance? Are you sure it's free? Really? It's free?
Two points...
If it's free for you, that money came out of someone else's pocket. Period. Stop.
The government did not earn that money...the government doesn't earn takes it from other people so it can...make things fair? (nah)...
In turn I worry how I'm going to pay rent...or my hair stylist whose Insurance bill via ObamaCare is over a $1000.00 a month. But wait...that's not all...they have to pay the $7500.00 deductible out of pocket first. Do you have $7500.00 extra? Ah..but what about subsidies? Subsides?! By all the Gods...THAT"S MY MONEY!!! ...but wait there's more...if you don't register with our great and all mighty tax are gonna be in a tad bit of trouble.
Second point...The government decides what hospital, doctor you can use or even work they will subsidize...
I thought we abolished slavery?
(We needed healthcare reform...not a program where all responsible people were thrown into two different shark tanks at the same time...shark tanks= Insurance companies and the IRS.)

You might not appreciate my use of the word, slavery. If you do you need to Politically correct yourself off this blog and read some history books. You might learn something.

What does the progressive agenda want?
Is it to make your life better?
To provide food for you?
Provide healthcare for you?
Provide the best education?

Do you want to discuss regulations on businesses/industry?

I'll take one industry...Coal...because we all use it and need it.
Our government has added more and more regulations on coal. so much so our coal plants are shutting down...with more regulations to lie.
Do you like your Prius?
It's so fabulous and you are doing our environment good because it can run on electricity...
Where does your electricity come from?
The majority of it comes fossil coal.
When you plug in your precious Prius ...Do you get what I'm saying?
Have you seen your heat/or electricity bill go up? I have.

What does the progressive agenda want?

Do you not understand what I'm talking about still? Think I'm over the top...
Research communism...
Progressives are just communists in a mask.

Now...Why would I post this right after our mid-term election?
The American people voted hands down for change but don't realize that the standard, run of the mill, establishment Republicans don't really want change.
They won't over-turn communist Liberal polices
They want to stay in power.
We need to think of 2016...
Not towards establishment Republicans...
Not towards the communist Liberal left.

We need someone that understands where money comes from.
We need someone that understands business.
We need someone that is PRO family... or straight... Our candidate needs to know we don't care!!! All we care about the future of our children.
We need someone that stays away from religions. Period. It's the American way.
We need someone that understands the way of other countries...some real internationally polices would be great.
We need someone that understands we are responsible adults and don't need a nanny.

We need someone that will break our bonds and end slavery in America...for the second time.