Friday, November 8, 2013

The American Dream-With Strength Comes Peace

With strength comes peace

Our President has given away our strength
... to the corrupt and communist Putin.
… to the muslim brotherhood.
… to the aitola khomeini (because if you think the ‘president of Iran has power you are wrong. That is like saying Medvedev had power when he was President and Putin was Prime Minister).

Our President is acting like fool.
Our President will negotiate with Syria, Iran, the muslim brotherhood (and have them over for lunch)…
…but NOT OUR elected Senators and Congressmen.

What is OUR Presidents goal? Is this some April fools joke?

Do you know why we need a Defense Budget?

With Strength comes Peace

We ARE at war with a religion. Terrorist's exist. They want to kill anyone that doesn’t believe what they do…to include their own. Shia and Sunni… What year is this? Have we learned nothing? Have THEY learned nothing?

We (The President of the United States Of America, Barak Hussain Obama) are(is) giving with open arms peace away.
“We are safer now than we were five years ago…” -President Obama to the UN

We are not safer.
When we find the truth about Benghazi…We will find out our President and his cabinet's agenda.

Why would for weeks the Obama Administration LIE to the American people about how/why our brave men died in Benghazi…
Our Main stream Media doesn’t think this is a story… but that LIE (there is no arguing it’s a lie)..
CBS news is ‘trying’ but not doing it’s job yet.

Meanwhile in Iran…they are weeks/months away from a nuclear weapon.
If I was Israel I would destroy them now.

Fuck it. I sit here and I write and write…I hardly publish my blogs anymore because it’s useless. I used to think I could change something. I thought maybe if I spoke up people would hear me.
I’m finding out that the American people are deaf. They are dumb. They are the problem. 47 million people are on food stamps asking “what’s in for ME?”
Our President lies and lies (yes, that’s what he does…often by omission), the media ignores it and bows before him. People say…”but Bush…” Stop it. Focus on what is going on NOW!!!
Putin the communist is the most powerful man in the world.
Our President is most likely in the Muslim Brotherhood, that’s if Obama is in charge at all!
Nidal Hasan (the Ft Hood terrorist) is being tried for “work place violence”- BULL SHIT …he’s a TERRORIST!!!
You can’t say “illegal immigrant” anymore because it might hurt someone’s feelings…because they are here ILLEGALLY!!! as in…HERE AGAINST THE LAW…

Oh…did you know we(our government) are/is still in sequestration? That’s different than the 16 day government shut down. Our President decided when the sequestration started that he should close down “the people’s” house …the White House…to save money (that’s gonna save a ton of money).
So…forward a bit to the roll out of the ACA/ObamaCare debacle.
The administration just re-opened the White House…we are still in the sequestration. Has nobody but me noticed.

Note…I quit smoking. The last two paragraphs I edited…they were just swear word after swear word. I put a patch on…let that kick in and edited them. I’m laughing out loud at myself. If you are insulted because I insulted you then YOU are the problem…maybe that patch hasn’t kicked in all the way yet;).

Bond vs The United States
Look it up…
The Obama administration doesn’t care about you, your Rights or our Constitution…

Monday, November 4, 2013

The American Dream-Part 1

The American Dream: where each generation does better than the last.
There is no ‘Spanish Dream’, ‘English Dream’…yada yada yada….

There IS the American Dream…
Where WE control our future. We are personally responsible for our selves, family and loved ones...and it is systematically being dismantled. It has been for years but in the last 5 years our government has slipped us into 5th gear because 'they' have a dream…
A New World Order Dream…A Progressive Dream

We are living in the prequel to a Science Fiction Film where there is a small group of elite rich people... and then the rest of us that have no say. Have you seen ‘Elysium’?
Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Our forefathers armed themselves and went to war with the greatest Country in the world at the time…Great Britain. They did so because they ‘had no say’.
When the United States Of America was created, our Constitution signed, our inalienable rights declared it was the great experiment. A country like no other before it.
A Country based on FREEDOM.

The saddest part of the New World Order Dream is that the Progressives who Vote the ‘elite’ into office don’t realize what is happening. They are being sold a load of lies with pretty sprinkles to decorate the crap being sold to them.
It’s all about control.
The haves over the have nots.
(Many progressives/liberials would argue that it’s the Republicans that are the Elite and rich…it’s not true, they are almost all corrupt though and I believe some of them are ‘in’ for the New World Order…thinking they are part of it…it’s WE THE PEOPLE that will be left out.)
I love our elected officials.

"Free Health Care For ALL!!!”…
It sounds so wonderful.
Nothing is free though.
We have some serious problems in our country. Our Insurance companies are a very big problem, corrupt and evil…yeah…I said evil. ObamaCare/ACA (Did you know that some people that get to vote think they are different?! That’s another problem with our country…uneducated and uninformed voters.) did not fix the problem with our Insurance companies…it just made it mandatory by law for everyone to jump in the pool of sharks. The goal of the ACA is to fail so we can move to a single payer system…where our government is in charge of everyone’s Healthcare…and everyone gets Healthcare….but it’s not what it seems…
Check it out…
It’s control over the people.
It certainly isn’t CHOICE.

Our Insurance Companies are now being blamed for the cancellations of millions of people’s insurance. …by the Obama Administration.
They are not to blame though.
They are businesses out to make money…with people working for them.
Under the grandfather clause of the ACA if NO changes had been made to your insurance plan you could keep it.
This includes all insurance plans, not just individual plans but the big businesses as well and they have been given a year reprieve…the shit WILL hit the fan when the majority of the people in the United States Of America that have healthcare with their ‘big business’…realize they also are going to be inundated with massive changes and perhaps deductibles that will bankrupt them…as individuals. No tax credit offered will make a dent if something actually happens…like a simple ACL replacement.

What our country needed was an over haul of our Insurance industry.
What our Insurance companies did was call people…individuals, companies and such…
…”I can get you a cheaper plan…”- game on.

Make as much money as you can before you are put out of business?
Did the Administration tell them to do so, so that there would be chaos?
Is this how they will get to the single payer system?

No matter what the answer we are screwed.
The Republican party received more contributions by the Insurance lobbies than the Democrats.
Read it...
The Republicans were not for the ACA and the Insurance companies were certainly against it.

The American Dream is being taken away from us…right now. Right in front of our eyes but some people are too blinded to see it.
Someone HAS to pay for EVERYONE to have Insurance under Obama’s law- that was rewritten by OUR Supreme Court so it could pass muster. That someone will be the 47% of the people in this country that pay taxes…because if you don’t…you will no longer have a chance at the American Dream. You will be poor forever, joined by many more.

The ACA is just one step closer to the dismantling of the middle class…and that IS what it is doing. It has created an atmosphere in the job market where part time is what companies can afford. More part time jobs for the people…means more poor people not being able to make their American Dream come true. Creating an atmosphere where the money goes to the elite and those in control…from the pockets of the WE THE PEOPLE.
What else is in there to surprise us…?

I did not even get in to the fact that was a NO BID contract…or this…
…or it’s substandard for a single man to NOT have maternity care?…that is asinine.
Corruption…? NO! Not our Government…not OUR elected officials.

Our Main Stream Media is not telling the American People the truth. For every statistic they show you their is another that disclaims it. Disability, Welfare, Job improvement…(there hasn’t been any)…our security as the greatest and strongest Nation on this planet is no longer in good standing.
“With Strength comes Power.” -Ronald Reagan- that’s another blog though.

Note- This is the first of a series of blogs on the systematic dismantling of the American Dream.
..and maybe a chance you will read this, understand what is going on so we can take back OUR REPUBLIC, OUR FREEDOM…