Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Greatest Conspiracy Theory Of All Time.

We all know global warming is a hoax. If you didn't know it was made up they made it obvious by starting to prosecute people that speak out against it. If you have to prosecute people for speaking the truth then you are seriously hiding something ...something large. (Pollution is a different subject.)

This whole theory starts, or not...I'm not sure where it begins, with global warming (I know they changed their 'name' to climate change. Smart move because our climate changes and we can all agree on that.)
So the government wants to give billions of dollars to less developed countries meanwhile taking control of big business through regulations via the EPA and whatever other alphabet soup agency can get their fingers enmeshed.
In easier words, taking US and any other western countries tax dollars and handing it out.
A bit of info...the government has no money other than what it takes from you and 'less developed countries' are more crooked than a question mark drawn between your ego and IQ.

Common core where the goal is to dumb down every 12th grade student to graduate at a 9th grade level. Research something for yourself...really research it. Don't listen to the news ..they aren't on your side.

Agenda 21 -control of all water ways...even a ditch that holds rain water, food production, housing ...Or 'sustainable development'. Have you noticed you have seen the word, sustainability, often lately. It means to be able to maintain at a certain level.
The Global Chieftains, of which President Obama is a main player, want to sustain all that you do...they want to control you.
If you don't know about Agenda 21, Ambassador Bush, then President (41) signed the UN non binding agreement. You should google it and then it should worry you. Side note...did you wonder why the Bush's aren't supporting Trump? He's not part of the club. He calls them out.
Google the new HUD rules, Affirmatively furthering fair housing,...I want YOU to look things up. You will be smarter and more informed for it. It wants section 8 housing in middle class neighborhoods. Taking YOUR money and filling the house next to you with someone that can't afford the ANY house. Is crime in poorer neighborhoods correlation or causation?
The equalization of communities. ...except the really rich and those in charge.

Have you ever read 1984? Harrison Bergeron? They are like instruction manuals for the left. They were written as a precautionary tail though. 1984-Everyone wears the same clothes, men and women. The country is fighting one nation and then the next week it's a different nation but everyone pretends that they weren't fighting the first. It's insane. You have your 2 minutes of of my favorites that the left has take up. HB-mindnumbing sounds to stop you from thinking on your own. Glasses that hinder your eyesight because you have 20/20 vision and other don't... let's make everyone equal. You should read them because it's what's happening now...

Ok...I'm all over the place but I'm talking conspiracy here so it works ...right?

Now lets go to this transgender thing...I'm not going it to details of the left entertaining a mental disease as a civil rights movement because wait...oops. I wasn't going to get into it.
It's called the non-bianary movement ...remove sex (even though we all know there are big differences in males and females. Blood comes out of my vagina every month...) by seeming to shame society by thinking that you can choose your sex. Which you can't, we are human.

Get rid of our borders! Let everyone in. Destroy the American way of life. destroy the western way of life. No western country should have borders. Have you seen what's happening in Europe? The window lickers are in charge and the animals are starting to take over via chaos.
The Global Chieftains want this chaos so they let the terrorism by fundamentalist Muslims happen. Isis is growing. They US just bombs them some and puts 'safety measures'  in order (ORE- rules of engagement) makes it look like they hurting them. We could destroy them in 4 weeks if we wanted. We could destroy them in one day if we wanted. We have done neither.

The Global Chieftains want a one world order. They started slowly and have now have turned it up a notch. It's easy when you have mindless numb nuts heading every cause the mentally insane can conjure. Was that mean? If you think that was mean you are the problem.

The greatest conspiracy theory of all time is a one world order. (It's not an original IS happening though.)
No countries.
Everyone wears the same grey jumpsuit.
You don't get a gender to display.
No more family or straight.
Equality for all by making everyone equally dumb and poor.
Wait a minute!
That's sorta like a communist one world order?!!!!
Hold the press...the great equalizer...communism. So pure. So many people died during the Bolshevik revolution? Communism in general?
90 million+ people.

I like my freedom. Do you?
Will you admit that this theory is no longer a theory but something is actually happening?

I typed this from my aluminum room to save me from the EMP's and I took my battery out of my phone so the government couldn't hear me typing...oh shit. I typed this on my Mac, via blogger on the great wide internets that already monitors all I say. ;) That was a joke about the truth. My theory was solid a few years's no longer a theory.