Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Once in awhile, maybe to often, I post something on MY facebook wall that others disagree with (I do the same with my blog).
I have friends that post things ALL the time that I don’t agree with. Do I comment and argue? No. I leave it alone. I do not respect their beliefs if it has to do with their love of socialism or other things. I respect them as people to have those views no matter how wrong they are.
I really believe I can not gain respect without respecting others…On their sites.
My sites are mine! MINE!

Do I believe something is wrong with our government? Fuck Yes.
Do I like Obama. Fuck No.
I didn’t have a blog during the Bush years.
If I had you would have seen me support some things and be outraged at others.

I don’t like Obama but I’d like to say I am happy and glad he is taking same sex marriage to the supreme court, Whoop! Equality for all! It’s not about time…it’s past time.
I’m sure I could find something else I could commend him on…big scheme though…I’m not a fan.

Back to MY WALL…
If you don’t like it…ignore me, defriend me or the hardest…respect me. You do not have to respect my views.
We ALL make up this world.
The good the bad and the ugly.

I came very close to defriending a dear long time friend the other day. I was, in my view, attacked when I posted something about the Presidents speech about the Sequestration... because the President lied. (That’s a fact…The president LIED to our nation.)
Am I saying Governor Bush never lied?
He’s not the sitting President at this time so what is going on now isn’t in his lap, it’s in President Obamas. I’m not saying the President didn’t inherit some atrocious things but 4 years later he’s gonna have to own some of this shit now.

Disrespect to my face would make me turn around and I would show you my back. The internet/social web sites and FB are different…

Is it a good thing to have meaningful dialogue? Of course.
To do so though you can’t change the subject or attack someone personaly.
When that happens you make your argument irrelevant and discredit yourself…no matter how smart you.

I will post that which I deem entertaining, funny, controversial and educational.