Monday, May 6, 2013

Adoption, It’s a Journey

Our dinner conversation started with a discussion about Gypsies. I don’t know why they were asking or wanted to know…Our dinner conversations are usually an odd assortment. I imagine any dinner table consisting of an 8, 9 and 11 year old would. …
Example…”What would you rather have a lightsaber or a wand?”
…and lots of fart jokes.

BrownNut, “I don’t know anything about my biological family.” (She said this like she was different and alone and her brothers knew everything about theirs.)
LoveBug, “I’m a Viking! Yes, I’m Korean but I’m also a VIKING!”

Note...All three are also half Polish, half Swedish, some Russian and a bunch of other stuff. The math doesn’t add up, we don’t care, we are a family.

My BrownNut is an inquisitive sort. She is highly intelligent and wise(at times), she is loving and kind (mostly). BrownNut is a typical 11 year old girl sans anything girly.
She also would love some answers. Answers I don’t have.

I don’t think about adoption a lot.

LoveBug has declared…
…”I’m going to Korea when I’m 20.”
He’s very matter-of-fact about things, including adoption.
I don’t think he thinks about adoption per-say but more about his birth home, Korea.

LittleGuy is just as happy as can be. He’s not curious at all. Nada. Zippo. Zilch. …For now.

At dinner tonight I explained that what I think about daily is; getting them to school on time, homework, dinner…the very mundane and the very ordinary.
…and this may sound cold but I also explained that I only think of their Biological once in awhile…that I’m grateful for their love and their gift…
…But I’m ‘Mom…makin’ it happen’ and daily I thank God for my Children but I don’t always think about adoption.

I’m rambling on…
I should probably get somewhere with this…
Me getting somewhere though is not gonna happen…
This is a life long journey.
My Children didn’t choose this journey. I did.
Just like ANY parent out there it’s life long.
…and just like any parent I know each one of my Children is completely different from the next and that isn’t an adoption thing it’s a person thing.

When I look at my Children I don’t see their brown skin or curly hair…I just see my Children.
I’m just their Mom.