Naked In Front of You

I have been writing this blog since November 11th.
It has become a goal of mine to make it real. My real opinions and my real life….I don’t make shit up.

…but I do edit. I edit more than you can imagine. I edit the good and the bad.

To stand in front of you naked sometimes would be easier for me than share every moment of my life. The shameful ones that I do not regret, my real fears and trepidations…and also some of the outrageous fun things I do on a whim that would make some of my readers cringe.

So many people know me and think my life is so wonderful and it really is….but…I love a “but" and three little dots  “…”  ;)

Last night I sat under the soon to be full Wind Moon and thought to myself…
…'how could any woman possibly see me as a role model.’
I DO want to be a good role model. For Women, friends and strangers alike. I want you to live better and happier. I want that for me too.
(It goes under the World Domination theme.)

…but it isn’t always that way, wonderful that is. I try to share the moments I don’t want to share so YOU know I am normal and that you are too.
I need you to see me as a Trainwreck sometimes because it’s part of the un-holy trinity that makes the me, myself and I…Kristin.

I am not perfect. I cry, I laugh…and often I do both at the same interval.

I am clueless the majority of the time…I just DO whatever I need to, to stay sane.

I am every Woman out there and you are Me.