How and why I type...

When I am getting ready to ‘work’, which is what I call it when I blog for no other reason than I don’t have a real job…I plug my MacBook in downstairs, sit on my sofa, T.V. on, feet up on my trunk and my glasses covering my eyes so I can see what I am doing.

I read a lot. I read a lot of news and enjoy staying in line with current events, ahead of style trends. I read about relationships and how people think. I love the human brain: conspiracy theories to pheromones.
I am often inspired by what I read, as I have a multitude of opinions.

I pick up cookbooks imagining that the knowledge within flows into my brain through my fingers and eyes.
I love to cook and and could probably figure out how to add a recipe to every blog, I just haven’t, but might go back one day and do just that.
Cooking is second nature to me. I want to share that nature with you.

I also enjoy singing…so you will find bits of me singing sometimes when I feel the urge.

Sometimes I will type just about my life: the then, the now or my dreams of the future.
Sometimes I think I should have a book written about my life…Oh wait…I am writing it. I try to keep people anonymous so they will remain my friends, or just to keep them safe.

I like to add a sense of humor as well. I may insult you at times. Don’t take things personally. I recommend you go Commando (that is panty-less) that way you can’t get your panties in a wad.